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What Are Possible Causes of Discharge With Smell?
Most women they would be bothered with discharge at some time during their whole life time. Girls would like to have excessive discharge especially during the middle of the cycle after puberty. But in this situation, the discharge is normal, it would without any smell. Normal discharge is without any color or smell. And in most cases normal discharge from the cervix has the function of removing bacteria and is slightly acidic to keep away potential infectious materials. 
If your discharge has strong smell or color, then it could be a sign of some gynecological diseases. However, in rare cases extent smelly vaginal discharge can be normal, but if the odor of your vaginal discharge has changed suddenly then you should see your doctor to find out what is the exact cause of this change.
In most conditions, vaginal discharge with strong smell or color belongs to be abnormal discharge. Changes that make the unbalance of bacteria in the vagina could make discharge produce smell, color, or texture. You should pay attentions to your health condition, when your discharge has strong smell. If your discharge has fishy or foul odor, then it would be a dangerous indication of medical condition.
And below situations are the common causes of smell discharge,
Using antibiotic or steroid
Bacterial vaginosis, it doesn't not belong to sexually transmitted diseases, but women who have many sexual partners are at high risk of getting it.
Taking birth control pills
Cervical cancer
Chlamydia or gonorrhea, and other similar sexually transmitted diseases
Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
Pelvic infection after surgery
Scented soaps or lotions, bubble bath
Vaginal atrophy
Vaginitis, which refers to vaginal irritation
Vaginal Yeast infection
And below picture are the details of different discharge in different medical conditions.

So once you find that you discharge has smell, you should seek for medical help, the sooner the better. Only when you confirm the exact cause of your smell discharge, could you find out the most suitable treatment for it.
Just keep clam, smell discharge is not a serious problem. Bacterial vaginosis, Chlamydia or gonorrhea, Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID),Pelvic  infection, Vaginitis, Vaginal Yeast infection are the usual causes of it. Luckily for smell discharge led by these medical conditions, herbal therapy "fuyan pill" is the suitable solution for it. Fuyan pill is made from natural herbs, and the herbs could permeate into the root of these diseases through blood circulation. What's more, the whole recipe of herbs could work together so as to anti-inflammation, kill bacteria, clear heat and promote the blood circulation. Thus all symptoms of these diseases could be driven away completely by this herbal therapy.
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