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Can Cystitis Heal Itself By Drinking Plenty Of Water?
Most people should have had the experience that they couldn't even take a sip of water during a busy day. When they realized that they would feel very uncomfortable urinating, there was a burning sensation in the urethra. Drinking more water can effectively relieve this phenomenon. So can cystitis be cured by drinking more water?
Cystitis can cause pain when urinating, so to avoid this pain as much as possible, many patients drink as little water as possible during the illness, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease. Cystitis occurs when bacterial inflammation in the lower tissue spreads upward. 

Chronic cystitis needs attention and is not so easy to treat. At this time, patients can only drink a lot of water and frequently urinate to flush the urethra and excrete a large part of bacteria from the body, which is conducive to the recovery of the disease. If you refuse to drink water because you are afraid of painful urination, it aggravates your condition.
If people with strong resistance suffer from mild cystitis, increase the amount of water they drink, and frequent urination, cystitis has the possibility of self-healing.
If the symptoms are severe, simply drinking more water can relieve the symptoms. Drinking more water is not a treatment for severe cystitis, so it will not heal the condition. For example, patients with acute cystitis do not drink as much water as possible because urinary tract irritation symptoms are more severe in the acute phase of inflammation, and the drugs are more pronounced. Drinking a lot of water will seriously affect the patient's quality of life. It makes it difficult for the patient to rest or urinates more after drinking more water in the acute phase, which increases the pain.
However, drinking more water is a crucial way to prevent cystitis. The bladder has been in a state of being impacted, which will significantly reduce the bacterial content and reduce the chance of bacterial reproduction.
If you have mild cystitis, drinking water has the possibility of self-healing. However, drinking water will not heal the condition if the patient has severe cystitis.
In Western medicine, if you have cystitis, you should take anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Yinhua Miyanling tablets. Alkaline drugs such as sodium bicarbonate or potassium citrate can reduce the acidity of urine and relieve bladder spasms. In contrast, flavonoids can relieve spasms and symptoms of urinary tract irritation and cystitis. However, the recurrence rate is also high, and the symptoms are not cured.
You can choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pill, made of pure herbs, which can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses, clear heat and detoxify, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and have an excellent therapeutic effect on cystitis.
So how to effectively prevent cystitis in daily life?
The primary method of preventing cystitis is not to be too tired in life, to pay attention to the balance of nutrition, and to drink more than 1500 ml of water daily. Sufficient urine to flush the urinary tract can better prevent acute bacterial cystitis. Usually have a light diet, do not eat spicy food, and pay attention to rest. Bed rest is required, irritating foods are avoided, and a hot sitz bath can improve blood circulation in the perineum and relieve symptoms of cystitis.
Tips: If you frequently urinate, urgency, incontinence, dysuria, etc., you should check and treat in time.
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