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What Symptoms Warn You May Have Cystitis?
When your body is sick, your body will give you hints. For example, when you have a cold, you will feel a stuffy nose, sneezing, runny nose, etc. When you have gastritis, you will feel stomach pain. Then cystitis, a common disease in genitourinary infections, is harmful to the human body. So, what are the symptoms of it?
In life, many people do not come to the hospital for treatment when they have diseases, which also causes the deterioration of the condition and increases the difficulty in medical treatment. The earlier the treatment of cystitis, the better, and the harm can be minimized, so understanding the early symptoms of cystitis is essential.

Acute Cystitis:
1. Although its name contains the word "acute," its symptoms can sometimes suddenly get mild. The symptoms of frequent and urgent urination and burning sensation when urinating are more prominent. The frequency of urination can reach more than five times per hour. The urgency is so intense that you must go to the toilet in a hurry, but the amount of urine is not much, even a few drops. A condition similar to urinary incontinence can occur. Symptoms that are more obvious in the later period of cystitis include pain in the lower abdomen at the end of urination, cloudy urine, and hematuria. If the hematuria is visible to the naked eye, it is called acute hemorrhagic cystitis
2. There is mild tenderness in the suprapubic bladder area, and some patients have mild low back pain. There is often no fever when the inflammatory lesion is limited to the bladder mucosa. The systemic symptoms are mild, and some patients feel fatigued.
Chronic Cystitis:
1. Chronic cystitis means inflammation grows slowly in the body and lasts for a long time. So the body has long-term symptoms of dysuria and frequent and urgent urination, which occurs repeatedly. But those symptoms are not as severe as when they are at the acute stage. There are minor or moderate amounts of pus and red blood cells in the urine.
Cystitis can be cured. You should not take cystitis lightly. You should listen to doctors' advice and take medicines as required. If treated carefully, the symptoms will disappear soon. You can choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, herbal medicine that clears heat, detoxifies, promotes blood circulation, and removes blood stasis. Its pure plant formula can mildly and effectively kill the pathogens that cause bladder infections, and long-term use of this medicine will not produce drug resistance.
Cystitis Diet Tips
In addition to taking medicines prescribed by doctors, cystitis patients also need to control their diet.
First, patients with acute cystitis should not eat nourishing and stimulating foods, such as mutton, red dates, longan, etc., because these foods aggravate inflammation and fever.
Second, patients should not eat spicy and irritating food, which can cause congestion, swelling, and pain in the inflammation site, aggravate urinary tract irritation symptoms and even cause dysuria and redness and swelling of the urethra.
Third, patients should not eat acid foods. The pH of the urine has a particular impact on the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Avoiding acidic foods can make the urine alkaline, inhibit the growth of bacteria, and at the same time improve the efficacy of antibacterial drugs and reduce adverse drug reactions.
Then, patients should avoid foods that promote dampness and heat in the body, such as desserts, alcohol, and high-fat foods, which will aggravate the condition.
Finally, patients should not eat foods that produce a sense of abdominal distension, such as beans, whole wheat flour, onions, white cauliflower, white radish, etc. These foods will make the abdomen complete, aggravate inflammation and irritation, and even cause difficulty urinating.
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