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Is it Safe to Hold Your Pee? Beware of Cystitis
The bladder is an essential organ for storing urine. Generally, when the urine in the bladder reaches about 200ml, people will have the urge to urinate. When it reaches about 400~500ml, it is necessary to urinate. When the human body urinates normally, it is mainly controlled by the brain's consciousness and nerves, which is a state of a conditioned reflex. When the bladder fills to a certain level, it directly stimulates our brain, thus producing a conditioned reflex to urinate. Cystitis occurs when more than 500ml of urine in the bladder is held back without urination.\

Why does holding back urine cause cystitis?
First of all, holding back urine is a symptom that can be called mandatory urinary retention. If the human body retains urine in the bladder for a long time, the urine will accumulate more and more, and the urine will contain relatively high toxins or Some pathogenic bacteria, as well as shed urethral mucosal cells. These pathogenic bacteria generally directly damage the human bladder tissue, which is likely to cause cystitis, urethritis, or symptoms of dysuria.
Second, holding back urine can put pressure on the bladder. If you hold back urine, the pressure on the bladder wall will be too large, affecting the blood supply of the bladder mucosa and the normal physiological function of the bladder. In this case, the immune defense function of the bladder mucosa will decline, and it is easy to be infected by pathogenic bacteria, and the bladder will be infected with inflammation.
Finally, holding back urine can cause the bladder to lose elasticity. If the bladder is in a state of expansion and filling for a long time, the muscles of the bladder wall are always stretched, the elasticity of the bladder wall will weaken over time, and the ability to contract will also decrease. This can cause urine to stay in the bladder, leading to urinary retention and severe urinary tract infections. The bladder can also be severely damaged.
Holding back urine will not only cause cystitis in the human body but may also lead to nephritis or affect renal function. These are some common complications, so in normal life, you must pay attention to urinating in the toilet in time. Holding urine for a long time will generally lead to specific symptoms and may also cause symptoms such as bladder cancer.
Therefore, holding back urine can lead to cystitis, and patients should develop good urination habits in their lives and not hold back urine. If patients suffer from cystitis due to holding their urine, they should drink more water, urinate frequently, and actively treat cystitis.
In addition to holding urine can lead to cystitis, other reasons can lead to cystitis.
1. Bacterial infection. It is the most common cause and can be divided into specific and nonspecific infections. Specific infection refers to bladder tuberculosis. Escherichia coli causes nonspecific cystitis, Para Escherichia coli, Proteus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococcus faecalis and Staphylococcus aureus, mainly driven by Escherichia coli infection, and caused by a retrograde infection based on urinary tract infection. Such as secondary to urethritis, prostatitis in men, and gynecological diseases in women.
2. Irregular life and rest. Patients often stay up late to work overtime, eat spicy food, drink less water simultaneously, and have the habit of smoking and drinking, all of which will affect cystitis.
3. Urinary tract obstruction. Such as stones, urinary tract strictures, and tumors caused by the accumulation of urine in the bladder, causing bacteria to multiply, leading to cystitis. Repeated insertion and removal of urinary catheters due to benign prostatic hyperplasia can easily cause damage to the bladder mucosa, leading to inflammation.
After examination, patients should correctly use drugs to treat physical conditions and cystitis according to the requirements of compliant doctors and can choose oral Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The medicinal ingredient of diuretic and dredging contained in the formula can effectively improve the bladder irritation of the patient and relieve the patient's urination discomfort. It also clears up inflammatory infections.
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