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The Difference and Relationship Between Bladder Cancer and Cystitis Glandularis
In bladder diseases, besides common cystitis, there are many different diseases such as bladder stones, bladder tumors, glandular cystitis, and bladder cancer. 

Today, we will give you a brief introduction to the relationship and difference between two of them, bladder cancer and cystitis glandularis, in terms of causes, clinical symptoms, examination, and treatment methods. I hope you can understand and learn.
Cystitis glandularis
1. Causes: the causes of the disease are very complex, mainly related to infection, obstruction, or some bacteria. It is mainly caused by inflammation in the middle-aged and elderly groups. The overall incidence rate of women is higher than that of men.
2. Clinical symptoms: frequency of urination, the urgency of urination, pain of urination, difficulty in urination, hematuria under the naked eye or microscope. If complicated with hydronephrosis, discomfort symptoms such as lumbago and lumbar distension may occur, and symptoms such as urinary incontinence and sexual intercourse pain may also occur. In severe cases, other types of complications may be caused.
3. Examination and treatment: Patients with cystitis glandularis should first be examined in the urology department. They should pass cystoscopy, ultrasound, B-ultrasound, CT examination, tissue biopsy, and other methods. Doctors need to make comprehensive evaluations through various examination methods to determine the patient's specific conditions. 
The treatment mainly includes drugs, surgery, and a combination. At the same time, we should actively correct the etiology, actively treat the primary disease, and prevent the occurrence of complications. It needs long-term adherence and continuous treatment improvement.
Bladder cancer

1. Cause: This is a malignant tumor originating from the bladder and one of the three significant tumors of the urinary system. The etiology is also quite complex. Smoking, long-term exposure to industrial chemical products, chronic bladder infection, long-term stimulation of foreign bodies, genetics, and other factors can induce bladder cancer.
2. Clinical symptoms: the most common symptom is painless gross hematuria. With the continuous growth and infiltration of the tumor, intermittent hematuria will change into continuous hematuria in the early to middle stages. In the late stage of the disease, there are symptoms such as poor urination, urinary retention, and upper urinary tract obstruction.
3. Examination and treatment: The urology department should first examine patients with bladder cancer. If they are diagnosed later, they can be transferred to the oncology department. Physical examination, cystoscopy, laboratory biopsy, intravenous urography, B-ultrasound, CT examination, cytological examination, etc., are required. 
The treatment should be based on the classification, stage, and grade of bladder cancer. The operation, chemical drug infusion, and even chemotherapy must be combined with the patient's situation and the doctor's opinions to adopt different treatment schemes.
The above points show noticeable differences between bladder cancer and cystitis glandularis regarding causes, symptoms, and treatment methods. The editor also reminds all patients that no matter what happens, we need to actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment and choose appropriate ways to eliminate the pain.
When choosing drugs after surgery, in addition to conventional anti-inflammatory medications, you can also take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and reduce swelling. Anti fibrosis, anti-proliferation, and anti calcification, and the patient's body will not develop drug resistance. It helps patients recover more quickly by conditioning.
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