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Cystitis in Men: What are the Symptoms Besides Endless Urination?
Cystitis is a common urinary tract infection, which refers to inflammatory lesions of the bladder caused by bacterial infection and other non-bacterial infection factors (such as drugs, stones, foreign bodies, etc.). It accounts for about 50% to 70% of urinary tract infections, mainly caused by bacterial infections. 

Although cystitis is common, most people are not familiar with it. Of course, symptoms of cystitis are also included. Today I will take you to understand the signs of cystitis.
According to the speed of onset, cystitis can be divided into acute and chronic cystitis.
Acute cystitis has a rapid onset, and common symptoms include frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, pyuria, and terminal hematuria. In severe cases, symptoms similar to urinary incontinence may occur. Chronic cystitis symptoms are identical to acute cystitis, but the onset is slow, the inflammation is mild, and it is easy to recur. If the above symptoms appear, it is recommended to go to the hospital for diagnosis in time to determine whether it is cystitis.
In addition to endless urination, what are the symptoms of cystitis?
1. Abnormal urination
If there is a disease in the bladder, the most obvious impact is the urination of men, which will cause men to have urgency, frequent urination, and dysuria. There is a problem with the bladder, which will lead to an increase in the frequency of urination in men, about five times a day, and the overall amount of urination does not increase. And men feel pain when urinating, which is also unbearable for men with cystitis, mainly affecting normal work and life.
2. Abnormal urine
In addition to affecting the behavior of male urination, it also affects male urine. Normal urine should be a light yellow, transparent, and clear liquid. But if the bladder is infected with bacteria and cystitis, urine will be cloudy, and some people will even have symptoms of hematuria.
3. Low back pain
Once someone finds out that they have frequent urination, urgent urination, and inexhaustible urination, they think that there is a problem with their kidney function or a problem with the prostate. It may also be the cause of cystitis. There needs to be a typical symptom here. In addition to these abnormalities in urination or urine, the patient will also feel low back pain, especially when urinating, and the low back pain will be more severe. If there is abnormal urination coupled with low back pain, it is necessary to consider the direction of cystitis.
After a man has cystitis, he will not be able to urinate for a minute. However, it should be considered in combination with other symptoms of cystitis. The best way is to go to the hospital for an examination before the diagnosis.
After the diagnosis, patients need to choose sensitive anti-inflammatory drugs for the pathogen. The effect of antibiotic treatment is not good, or when it becomes chronic, people can choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for radical treatment.
Then there must be some people who have doubts, is cystitis only in men? Next, I will explain this problem to you. 
Both men and women have cystitis, but women have a higher chance of developing cystitis than men. It is because women’s urethra is shorter than men’s, and pathogens such as bacteria are more likely to invade the bladder. At the same time, after menopause, hormone levels decline, the nourishing effect of estrogen on the urinary tract mucosa declines, and women's ability to resist infection also declines, so menopausal or menopausal women are also more prone to cystitis.
Therefore, it must be treated in time if you suffer from cystitis. It may lead to nephritis and even uremia if not treated in time or improperly treated.
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