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Does Cystitis Affect Women's Pregnancy? These 3 situations Need Your Attention

Cystitis can occur in women of any age. And many women of childbearing age are concerned about whether cystitis will affect their pregnancy. 


So, does cystitis affect pregnancy? Let's take a detailed look below.

Cystitis is a common urinary tract infectious disease, mostly caused by bacteria, so cystitis caused by simple bacteria generally does not affect women's pregnancy.

However, it should be noted that if the following conditions occur, it will have an impact on women's pregnancy:

1. Female cystitis patients take Western medicine for treatment. Because most Western medicines for cystitis have specific side effects, which can lead to abnormal fetal development and even fetal malformation, female cystitis patients should avoid pregnancy if they are taking medication.

2. Cystitis that has not been treated promptly and effectively has caused other reproductive system inflammations. As the female bladder is located in the pelvic cavity, when the bladder is inflamed, its inflammatory exudate will accumulate in the pelvic cavity, leading to pelvic effusion, pelvic inflammation, and accessory inflammation, which can cause female reproductive system inflammation and prevent successful pregnancy. For this situation, patients can choose the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to treat these reproductive system diseases.

Moreover, if cystitis is not treated in time, it can cause pyelonephritis. Bacterial toxins can also enter the fetus through the placenta, causing miscarriage, premature birth, and even fetal death. Therefore, if there is a pregnancy plan, it is necessary to carry out pregnancy after treatment not to affect the baby's health. There is no burden or harm to the female body.

3. Cystitis caused by mycoplasma and chlamydia infection. If cystitis is caused by mycoplasma or chlamydia infection, it is best not to rush to become pregnant. If mycoplasma or chlamydia is not treated in a timely and effective manner, it will not only invade the female urethra, causing urinary tract infections, cystitis, and other urinary system diseases, but also invade the female reproductive tract, causing various reproductive system inflammations, such as cervicitis, salpingitis, etc.

Therefore, cystitis caused by mycoplasma or chlamydia affects women's normal conception and increases the risk of miscarriage even if the patient becomes pregnant successfully.

In summary, if women want to conceive a healthy baby successfully, they should first cure cystitis. Considering Western medicine will produce specific side effects when treating cystitis, which is not conducive to women's timely preparation for pregnancy, patients should choose safe and effective Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can not only effectively treat the disease but also comprehensively regulate the patient's body to eliminate the disease and consolidate the foundation. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for women who are eager to conceive and have bladder infections.

In addition, it is essential to drink plenty of water daily. Drinking water can promote blood circulation and eliminate toxins, gradually reducing inflammation. Spicy and cold foods should be avoided. Otherwise, they will have a stimulating effect and may worsen the condition. Drink plenty of water, eat more fruits, and supplement with vitamins and other nutrients. Avoid strenuous exercise, and wait about three months after the bladder infection completely recovers before trying to conceive.

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