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3 Beneficial Exercises for Treating Cystitis

People often say that life lies in movement, and reasonable exercise is very beneficial for physical health. It can not only improve metabolism and enhance immunity, but also promote the recovery of some diseases. 

exercise benefit cystitis

So what exercises are good for quick recovery from cystitis? Let's take a look!

Cystitis is a relatively familiar urinary system disease. In addition to actively cooperating with doctors for treatment, patients also need to pay attention to life and diet care, which can promote the recovery of the disease. Cystitis patients should not be overworked and are not suitable for too intense exercise. 

So the following exercises are suitable for during treatment:

1. Walking

Walking is a relatively gentle exercise and is also a simple and feasible exercise. During walking, people's spirits will improve and their mood will become happier, which is more suitable for the elderly and the weak. Cystitis patients can use walking to regulate their body and mood, reduce the pain caused by the disease, and promote recovery.

2. Practicing Tai Chi:

Tai Chi has been a popular form of exercise for health and wellness since ancient times. We can often see many middle-aged and elderly people practicing Tai Chi in the park. Tai Chi can regulate the body's qi and blood, enhance physical health, and have a good effect on preventing and treating diseases. Male cystitis patients who practice Tai Chi can promote blood circulation, improve heart and lung function, improve body flexibility, relieve tension and anxiety, and help cystitis recover faster.

3. Practice Qigong:

There are many benefits to practicing Qigong, which has been widely recognized by medical practices both domestically and internationally. Consistently practicing fitness qigong can help strengthen kidney function and improve the bladder's gasification function. During practice, rubbing and exercising the waist and kidney area with both hands while exhaling can help eliminate turbid qi from the kidneys, strengthen the waist and kidneys, and promote bladder gasification function. 

Holding onto the feet with both hands to stabilize the kidneys and waist, and performing large forward and backward bends of the spine can stimulate acupuncture points in the body, and have a certain pulling and massaging effect on the kidneys, bladder, ureters, and other areas of the lower back, which can help prevent and recover from reproductive and urinary system diseases.

The above three exercises are all good methods for promoting cystitis recovery. However, cystitis patients must adhere to drug treatment, and exercise is only used as an adjuvant therapy. The recommended drug for treatment is Li Xiaoping Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can diuretic and relieve stranguria, activate blood circulation and relieve pain, clear heat and detoxify, and treat cystitis specifically, especially for chronic cystitis with repeated attacks! 

In addition, patients also need to pay attention to daily care, drink more water, and avoid holding urine!

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