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Is Lower Back Pain In Men a Sign of Kidney Deficiency? It Could Also Be Related to These Reasons

Lower back pain is a symptom that everyone experiences, not just women but also men often experience low back pain. Men's back pain will likely make people think of kidney deficiency. In addition to kidney deficiency, many bad habits in life or diseases can lead to it. Let's take a look at it.

What exactly is going on with lower back pain in men? Several reasons can cause it:

 The pain in the lower back is not small, and it may be related to bad habits and some diseases.

1. Standing or Sitting for a Long Time

Standing or sitting for a long time can lead to excessive muscle fatigue, thus prompting men to experience symptoms of low back pain. As long as the correct posture is maintained, the symptoms of low back pain due to poor posture can be effectively relieved. Therefore, it is recommended that men change their posture every one or two hours to avoid low back pain.

2. Overwork

To bring a better life to their families, most men work hard, stay up late, and work overtime, which leads to a lack of sleep and an irregular diet. These habits can easily lead to chronic fatigue, which, in time, can lead to back pain. Therefore, men should pay attention to rest and attention to the combination of work and rest, or the symptoms of back pain will become more and more serious.

3. Kidney Deficiency

Kidney deficiency can also lead to low back pain in men. Kidney deficiency in men is mainly related to sexual life, and if they have excessive sexual life, it may lead to low back pain due to kidney deficiency. Therefore, men should have regular sex and eat more food that has the effect of tonifying the kidneys, such as black sesame seeds.

4. Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections can also cause men to experience lower back pain, mostly due to chlamydia and mycoplasma infections, mainly manifested as low back pain and lumbago; severe pain will involve the perineum, accompanied by painful urination and frequent urination and other symptoms. If the urinary tract infection is not treated in time, it may also cause cystitis, prostatitis, and other diseases, so men should be treated in time.

Urinary tract infections in men, which are divided into upper and lower urinary tract infections, need to be treated for different conditions. Upper urinary tract infections are mainly infections of the kidneys, hydronephrosis, or infections of the ureter, which are usually caused by distal stone obstruction. Upper urinary tract infections are usually more serious, and treatment options need to be decided based on the doctor's professional judgment and the patient's condition.

Lower urinary tract infection generally refers to cystitis and urethritis; symptoms harm are relatively mild. Clinical mainly for oral drug treatment, mainly take some quinolone anti-inflammatory drugs; if it is a serious lower urinary tract infection, you can also use some of the three generations of cephalosporin and other more powerful antibiotics for treatment. In addition, patients can also choose traditional Chinese medicine, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, to reduce inflammation and sterilization, eliminate inflammation, and relieve back pain and other symptoms.

5. Lumbar Diseases

Lesions in various organs and tissues of the lumbar region are also one of the common causes of low back pain, such as lumbar disc herniation, spinal injuries, lumbar intervertebral stenosis, lumbar muscle strain, etc., which can lead directly to low back pain, and sometimes to radiating pain, resulting in soreness and numbness in the legs.

The pain in the lower back is not small, and it may be related to bad habits and some diseases. Therefore, after the appearance of this symptom, men should go to the hospital in time to accept the relevant examination to determine the cause and take targeted treatment so that the lower back pain can be relieved more quickly to avoid the emergence of more severe diseases.

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