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The natural treatment and prevention should be known for curing chronic cystitis
Chronic cystitis which refers to a recurrent bladder infection can be caused by inappropriate treatment of acute cystitis. According to some studies, women get the chronic cystitis more often than men. Commonly, women over 30 and more in their 50s are more likely to suffer chronic cystitis. The main symptoms of chronic pain are frequency and urgency urination and painful urine, even can appear urge incontinence, hematuria, pyuria if it is left treated. Therefore, the patients should have timely treatment for fear of the exacerbation of the disease.
There is no doubt that antibiotics can bring certain effect on curing chronic cystitis in the beginning. However, the disease becomes serious because the patients abuse the antibiotics or appear allergy without the drug sensitive test. Even worse, missing the best treatment time may trigger other complications. 
Therefore, the TCM like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill have great effect on curing the disease. Firstly, the herbal pill has the function of anti-inflammation, which can relieve urine clear away heat and bacteria of the bladder. Secondly, the herbal pill is beneficial to cure other urinary tract infections to prevent the aleopation associated with bladder. Most importantly, the formula-completed herbal medicine which has more than 50 kinds of valuable herbs is pure and no side-effect; it has no drug resistance and natural for curing the chronic cystitis.  
With the natural treatment, the symptoms like frequency and urgency can be relieved gradually. The disease can be cured with several months according to the treatment situation if the patients follow the doctor's advice.
Having a good understanding of curing chronic cystitis, it is important to figure out the prevention of the disease in daily life. Bad habits are the main culprit of a disease. Even if the chronic cystitis is cured, patients should pay attention to their living habit to prevent the recurrent of the disease.
First, it is important to keep the perineum clean no matter the patients are male or female. What's more, they should change and wash their underpants frequently and pay attention to their sexual sanitation. 
Second, it is very helpful to drink plenty of water. The discharge of urine is the process of washing the urinary system such as the urethra and bladder. Besides, the bacteria can be discharged by the urine. 
The last but not the least, spicy and stimulating food, drinking, coffee and some other beverage should be avoided. The patients can take moderate exercise to improve their immunity.
All in all, the natural treatment and prevention are important to cure the recurrent of chronic cystitis. With the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, you can regain the confident in living a healthy life.
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