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What's the medicine for cystitis glandularis?
Although today's surgical solutions are becoming more common in the treatment of patients with cystitis glandularis, drug therapy still occupies an irreplaceable position, which even throughout the patient's entire course. 

However, when we are facing the disease, we often look like a needle in a haystack. What medicine is good for glandular cystitis? Here, we may wish to do a simple inventory for our patients.


Many patients may often come to see a doctor because of urgency, dysuria, frequent urination and other symptoms of urination, and they know that they have suffered glandular cystitis. 

During the course of the disease, when the patient's bladder is spasmodic, an abnormal urination will occur. If we want to improve these abnormal symptoms and relieve pain and discomfort, we need to relieve the spasm. Therefore, patients can use potassium citrate or sodium bicarbonate to reduce the acidity in the urine, thereby relieving bladder spasm, and can also use flavonoids to reduce spasm, thereby reducing the symptom of urinary tract irritation for patients.

Intravesical instillation medication

Many patients with glandular cystitis, even after surgical treatment of removing the bladder endometrial lesions, cannot avoid the possibility of future disease recurrence.

In order to solve this problem, patients can be treated with intravesical instillation after surgery, and chemical toxic drugs and immunosuppressive agents are the most common drug.

Chemical toxic drugs can inhibit the atypical abnormal proliferation of the bladder mucosa to avoid spread of the lesion in the future, and immunosuppressive agents can stimulate the patient's immune response and local reactions to prevent the recurrence of the disease. 

Therefore, the intravesical instillation medication has become an indispensable part of the patient's treatment plan.

Chinese medicine adjuvant therapy

Now in the clinical treatment of cystitis glandularis, we can often see the mentioning of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). As long as the medication is accurately applied, it cannot only alleviate the symptoms, but also regulate the disease from the inside, such as natural herbal remedy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

Many patients who apply Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills in their treatment of this disease, have found that the clinical symptoms of discomfort quickly reduced or even disappeared, which shows that the effect of Chinese medicine treatment is very prominent.

Although the above inventories look very simple, it has deep knowledge. Patients might as well to make a reference to better treat the disease.
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