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Natural Cystitis Relief: Alternative Medicine Gains an Upper Hand
Etiology of Cystitis
Cystitis can be induced by all factors that can destroy the normal antimicrobial capacity of bladder mucosa, change the normal structure of bladder wall and suit for bacterial retention, growth and reproduction.
1. There are many causes of cystitis, but most of them are pyogenic infection. Causes include stones, foreign bodies, tumors or obstructive diseases, including urinary dysfunction due to nervous system diseases.
2. The pathological changes of acute inflammation of cystitis include mucosal hyperemia, edema, hemorrhage and ulcer formation, with pus or necrotic tissue.

3. Chronic inflammation mainly includes mucosal hyperplasia or atrophy, granulation tissue formation, fibrous tissue proliferation, bladder volume reduction, or muscle hypertrophy, bladder volume increase and diverticulum formation caused by obstruction. Another special inflammation is gangrenous cystitis, which is caused by Clostridium fusiforme and Clostridium perfringens.
Causes of cystitis in the elderly
Cystitis is one of the common diseases in the elderly, which is caused by bacterial invasion in the case of poor resistance. Bacteria can enter the bladder from the blood or lymph, but more commonly from the urethra up or directly from the kidney down into the bladder.
Symptoms of cystitis
The most typical symptoms of cystitis are frequent, urgent, and painful urination and even urinary incontinence, which can lead to hematuria and pyuria. Most of them need 1-2 weeks of treatment for acute cases. First of all, we need more rest and to refrain from irritating food. Hot-water sitz bath can help improve perineal blood circulation and alleviate symptoms.

Serious consequences of untreated cystitis
1. Causing bladder fibrosis: reducing bladder capacity, causing ureteral reflux, leading to renal edema and inflammation, even kidney necrosis and uremia.
2. Hematuria: seen with naked eye, which is a unique abnormal signal of urination of bladder cancer, about 85% of bladder cancer is caused by cystitis.
3. Leading to tuberculosis: after active antimicrobial treatment, there are still symptoms of urinary tract irritation or abnormal urinary sediment, which is an important sign of cystitis leading to renal tuberculosis.

Natural treatment other than antibiotics
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill:  mainly composed of plantago seed, fringed pink, the seed of cowherb and over 50 kinds of other herbs, is a pure nature medicine which has the functions to clear heat and detox, promote blood circulation, relieve pain, induce diuresis, and free strangury without toxic and side effects.
It has won over most of the chemical antibiotics for its advantages on safety, no drug resistance or tolerance, boost of immunity and self-healing ability, an overall balance of Qi and blood, and the ultimate restoration of genitourinary system. Patients call this as "alternative medicine gains an upper hand", and it has become an ultimate relief for cystitis.
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