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Treatment of Cystitis Cystica Glandularis with Natural Medicine
Perhaps many people have heard about Cystitis glandularis or cystitis cystica, but do you know exactly what are they? Is there a natural way to cure these two stubborn diseases?              

What is cystitis cystica glandularis 
According to the present study, cystitis glandularis is a kind of pathological changes existing in both hyperplasia and metaplasia. The process of cystitis glandularis is epithelial hyperplasia concave into Brunn nest, in which cracks or branched or annular lumen are formed, glandular metaplasia appears in the center and glandular structure is formed. At the same time, there is infiltration of lymphocytes and plasma cells. Therefore, cystitis glandularis develops. 

In this process, if only the mucous fluid is seen in the ductal lumen, no glandular metaplasia, it can become cystic cystitis. Therefore, cystitis cystica and cystitis glandularis can be considered as two stages of the same pathological process. 
Natural therapy for cystitis glandularis 
Because patients with cystitis cystica glandularis may have such symptoms as frequent urination, urgent urination, dysuria, urinary incontinence, dyspareunia, suprapubic area and perineal discomfort, lower abdominal bearing-down pain, etc., TCM believes that these symptoms are the manifestations of "stranguria syndrome", so diuretic herbs are needed to improve the urinary condition; symptoms such as dyspareunia, dysuria, suprapubic area and perineal discomfort, lower abdominal bearing-down pain are believed to be caused by poor blood flow.

Just as the saying goes "Blood stasis makes the pain", so it is necessary to use herbs to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis in order to alleviate the pain. In addition, cystitis may also be related to chronic inflammation of the bladder, so anti-inflammatory herbs are needed to remove lesions. 
The proprietary formula invented by Wuhan Dr.Lee - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can fully meet the above requirements, so it is the recommended medication for cystitis glandularis cure.
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Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill contains plantain seed, dianthus superbus, radix paeoniae rubrathe root, polygonum aviculare, peach kernel, safflower, angelica sinensis, houttuynia cordata, the seed of cowherb and other dozens of herbs. Among them, peach kernel, safflower, and angelica can accelerate blood circulation and relieve pain; Houttuynia, gardenia, and forsythia work on heat-clearing and detoxification.

In addition, peach kernel, the seed of cowherb work together with spina gleditsiae, violet and honeysuckle to play a diuretic and anti-inflammatory role besides anti-proliferative, anti-calcification, anti-fibrosis, detumescence and elimination of follicles.
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