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Can Cystitis Go Away by Drinking More Water?
Many patients have been suggested by doctors to drink more water in the course of treatment, especially patients with cystitis, which can help bacteria and viruses discharge, but many people are wondering that can cystitis be cured by drinking more water?

Cystitis can cause urodynia, in order to avoid the pain, many patients will drink as little water as possible, which is totally unfavorable to the recovery of the disease. Cystitis occurs when bacterial inflammation in the underlying tissues develops upwards. At this time, a large part of the bacteria can be discharged from the body by drinking a lot of water and wash out the urethra, so that it is conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease.
In the clinic, some patients with cystitis may recover naturally by drinking more water. For patients with mild symptoms at the early stage, such as mild frequent and urgent urination, and urodynia, and there are not many white blood cells in the routine urinary examination, they can be cured through drinking a lot of water, increase the number of urination.
Urine can play the role of washing bladder and urethra, that is, self-cleaning, which can significantly reduce inflammatory stimuli. Even if you can not be cured in this way, it can also be assisted with drug treatment, increase the curative effect,shorten the course of the disease, and accelerate the cure.

If the symptoms are serious, drinking more water can only alleviate the symptoms. Drinking more water is not a treatment for severe cystitis; however, drinking more water is an important way to prevent cystitis. The bladder has been in a state of shock, which will greatly reduce the bacterial content and reduce the chance of bacterial reproduction.
But special attention must be paid to avoid urination. Otherwise, it will aggravate the symptoms of bladder inflammation. In addition, attention should be paid to preventing a recurrence. Recurrence of cystitis is common after cure, but most of them (more than 80%) are reinfection, while relapse is relatively rare.
Men seldom suffer from the disease, but it can not be ignored. Males with urinary tract obstruction, such as prostatic hypertrophy or bladder stones, foreign bodies, are also vulnerable to cystitis. Male cystitis is potentially serious because it is usually caused by a potential urinary tract disease, such as obstruction or cancer, or by the spread of an infection elsewhere in the urinary tract. Symptoms include increased frequency and urgency of urination, itching and burning sensation, and bloody urine.

These symptoms may be secondary symptoms, that is to say, may also have other diseases in the treatment of cystitis should use antibiotics, and early treatment, in order to avoid the transformation into chronic cystitis. At the same time, a comprehensive examination of the urinary system is needed. There are two main ways to treat chronic cystitis in modern medicine. One is antibiotic therapy for pathogenic bacteria infection, and the other is surgical treatment.
For the treatment of aseptic chronic cystitis, modern medicine adopts surgical treatment. Surgical treatment can achieve great improvements in a very short time, but in fact, it will not only bring great trauma to patients but also lead to recurrence. Therefore, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a better choice.

It can effectively improve bladder irritation and relieve local pain symptoms. The efficacy of anti-proliferation, anti-fibrosis, anti-calcification, and detumescence, and elimination of follicles can effectively prevent the occurrence of proliferation and follicle formation in the triangle of the bladder. In daily life, developing good living habits and keeping a positive mental state is also helpful in preventing and treat cystitis.
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