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Does Yoghurt Affect Interstitial Cystitis?
The pH of the urine has a certain impact on the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Acid food is not recommended to cystitis patients, so many patients are very concerned about if they can eat yogurt.

First of all, we need to understand the concept that acidic food does not mean food with a sour taste, which is a big misunderstanding. The acidity and alkalinity of food have nothing to do with its own pH value after food is digested; if there is acid radical left, it can be called acid food.
In fact, yogurt belongs to alkaline food. Although it tastes slightly sour, it contains a lot of calcium and active substances, so it belongs to alkaline food. And yogurt is fermented by microorganisms, which contains many nutrients that are good for health, and the purine content is low, patients with interstitial cystitis can eat yogurt properly.
Avoiding acid food can make urine alkaline, inhibit the growth of bacteria, improve the efficacy of antibacterial drugs, and reduce adverse drug reactions. At present, it is believed that eating a large amount of acid food will lead to acid in the body, which is easy to increase the risk of some diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and so on.

While eating alkaline food will lead to alkaline or weak alkaline in the body, which is beneficial to the maintenance of health. But some people are not suitable to eat yogurt.

1.People with diarrhea or other diseases affecting intestinal function
2.Milk allergy
3.Patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery
4. Diabetic patients
The development of interstitial cystitis is rapid, but after the typical symptoms occur, the condition of patients with interstitial cystitis usually remains stable without further aggravation. Even if not treated, most patients will have natural remission, but it will recur soon.
There are mainly diet regulations such as a light diet, oral medication such as amitriptyline and nifedipine, bladder expansion, bladder drug perfusion, and surgical treatment. If the effect of conventional medicine or surgery is not good, we can try the conservative Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment.

The heat-clearing and detoxifying effect can effectively eliminate bladder inflammation, edema and congestion of bladder mucosa, and kill bacteria, viruses, Chlamydia mycoplasma, and other pathogens. In addition, the diuretic effect can effectively alleviate and eliminate the frequent and urgent urination and tingling pain caused by inflammatory pathological changes.
It can treat cystitis and its complications from many aspects, so as to achieve the goal of no recurrence. In order to cure the disease as soon as possible, the patients should pay attention to rest, strengthen personal hygiene, light diet, drink more water properly, avoid stimulating diet, ensure adequate nutrition intake, and try to avoid inducing factors and regular reexamination according to the condition.
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