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Four Common Symptoms Of Cystitis Should Be Noticed
Cystitis is a common urinary system disease in both men and women. Suffering from cystitis is an awful thing, which will make the patient unable to focus on working and affect the daily life. The sooner the cystitis is found, the easier it is to treat. There are usually four common symptoms of cystitis that should be noticed.

1. Abnormal urine
Patients with cystitis may have cloudy urine with a putrid odor. Sometimes they may have visible hematuria, which often occurs at the later stage. Experts point out that the urine of patients with cystitis generally has two colors, one is red or pink, and the other is white or cloudy. So if you feel something wrong with your bladder, you should check your urine first and then consult a doctor for your situation.
2. Urethral symptoms

When a patient with cystitis is urinating, he will have a burning feeling, accompanied by frequent and urgent symptoms of urination. In the acute phase, many patients may urinate more than five times an hour, but the amount of urine may not be much than usual. In the chronic phase, symptoms including frequent urination, urgent urination and painful urination will persist for a long time.
3. Pain and discomfort
These symptoms include lumbago, perineal pain, suprapubic pain and other discomforts. If the patient's bladder is full, perineal and suprapubic pain will occur at the same time. But they can get relieved after urinating. So it's always important to urinate in time. Holding back your urine too often is harmful for your bladder and can cause many diseases in urinary system.
4. Mental abnormality
As a result of suffering from a variety of symptoms for a long time, the patient's mental state will be greatly affected. They are easy to feel tired and have nervous fatigue, which will lead to becoming irritable, insomnia and other mental symptoms. That is to say, don't hesitate to see a doctor if you feel you are totally out of spirits.
In any case, cystitis should be treated in time. Generally speaking, antibiotics is a relatively common method for patients with cystitis. They can choose the appropriate antibiotics in the light of their conditions. Patients should always follow the doctor's advice and don't take medicine blindly.
If the antibiotics and other drugs you take are ineffective, or you are suffer from repeated attacks of cystitis, it may be the result of drug resistance. Taking antibiotics has the potential to make your body resistant to them. In this case, these drugs should be stopped right now, and you can choose traditional Chinese medicine.
Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a wise option for patients with cystitis, which has no drug resistance and can be taken with western medicine simultaneously. At the same time, patients should pay attention to diet and exercise, and try to keep an optimistic mind. Stick to taking the pill, then you will get better.

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