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Beware! Keeping Back Urine Too Frequently Can Lead Into Cystitis
Question -- Have you ever kept back your urine for a long time? 
You are occasionally busy finishing work tasks while you think you have to urinate. However, you usually make a small decision to call back the nature after you finish the work tasks. 
Actually, you are supposed to know that keeping back your urine too frequently can invite a full bladder, which may increase the rate of getting cystitis.
To all intents and purposes, the bladder is more weak than you think, and some bad habits in daily life can make it sick. 
 Keeping Back Urine And Cystitis
The normal bladder volume of male adults is about 300ml to 500ml. While if it's more than 500ml, you will feel painful sensation due to the excessive bladder tension. It will seriously increase muscle load and result in decreased sphincter function of the bladder, leading to frequent urination, incontinence, weakness of urine and other excruciating symptoms.
Doctors add that cystitis, which is a common urogenital illness, can easily spread to other parts, which makes the treatment of cystitis relatively hard. If left untreated for a long period, patients will have to deal with more diseases associated to the urogenital system. 
In the event that the bladder is inflamed, it will retrograde to the kidneys, triggering nephritis. In addition, the inflammation is also prone to spreading to other organs, causing prostatitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other diseases.
Cystitis in clinical practice is divided into two types, acute and chronic ones. Patients with acute cystitis can adopt antibiotics, which is usually used for several days before getting restored. 
Further, the etiology of chronic cystitis is more intractable, so treating chronic cystitis is relatively hard and may last for a rather long time. 
The herbal remedy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often suggested in this case. It can effectively treat diseases of urinary system in both men and women. 
Keeping backing urine is absolutely a bad habits. Therefore, aside from medication, you need to attach sufficient importance to your living habits. 
Generally, it is conductive to your body to keep the water circulating, which means you need to drink more water and urinate in time. Besides, a balanced diet is also necessary. Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, greasy and spicy food, and what you are suggested to have are fresh vegetables and fruits. 
What’s more, it is needed to pay attention to personal hygiene in ordinary times. You are supposed to take a regular bath and clean your clothes frequently, impeding germs and bacteria from invading your body. When your body is cleaned properly, cystitis will be cured soon and you can go back to your normal life again.

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