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Notice! Unhealthy Sexual Life Leads To Cystitis
Cystitis is a common clinical infectious disease, which is intractable and prolonged, with high recurrence rate at times. In clinical practice, the main manifestations of cystitis are frequent urination, slow urination, dysuria, hematuria, pyuria, waist and abdomen pain, etc.
Statistics show that about half of people will develop cystitis at least one time during their lifetime, and more than half of them have the disease due to unhealthy sexual life. Why is that?

In truth, cystitis is mainly caused by not paying attention to personal hygiene, especially the hygiene of sexual life. When it comes to the relationship between sex and cystitis, you may have heard of the concept of honeymoon cystitis. In the honeymoon period of the bride, because of the first sexual intercourse, the vagina and urethral orifice are prone to injury, giving the germs a chance to invade.
Furthermore, the sexual experience is seductive. For people with low self-control, they are easy to indulge in sex. And because of the urge to have sex, they often skip the personal cleaning before sex. After the toss and turn of sex, they feel tired and fall asleep unconsciously, thus skipping the cleaning up after sex. If the whole process has no hygienic guarantee, then both the husband and wife may be infected with inflammation, thus leading to cystitis.
So you should be aware of the importance of personal hygiene before and after sex. A healthy sexual habit includes moderate frequency, clean body, proper intensity, and good mental attitude. If you pay less attention to any of them, you may be at risk of infection in the long run.


But you don’t have to be excessively worried about the cystitis since it can be cured if you follow the right treatment. Nowadays, more and more people tend to take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get the cystitis cured in full.
This is a natural formula that won’t lead to any side effects or drug resistance due to its prolific natural ingredients. Its effects is carried into the whole urogenital system, and it helps sufferers get rid of painful symptoms and improve the urination effectively. It relieves pain during the sex and ameliorate your sexual experience.
During the treatment, you should also keep your sexual life in control. If not necessary, you should stay away from it for a certain period until you are totally cured. Also, you should eat more healthy food and avoid stimulating food like spicy food, alcohol and fried food. Don’t sit for too long, don’t hold urine, and do more exercise in daily life. You will get better in way like this.

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