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The Suitable Treatment for Glandular Cystitis

Glandular cystitis is a benign bladder metaplasia and proliferative lesion. In recent years, the incidence shows a growing trend. Occurrence and development of glandular cystitis and transformation to adenocarcinoma is a gradual process. From primary adenocarcinoma of bladder genesis, glandular cystitis can be differentiated as early stage and late stage.
Therapy of Glandular Cystitis
With the development of medical technology, treatments for glandular cystitis are various. They are pharmaceutical drug treatments, surgical treatment as well as the combination of both are the main therapies of Glandular Cystitis. But among all the treatments, which is the most suitable for Glandular Cystitis? So first we should have a deep analysis of them.
Bladder irrigation Therapy
Similar to bladder tumor drugs, Bladder irrigation can be divided into two parts:
a. Chemical toxicity drugs can directly damage DNA and interfere with the DNA replication. It main effects 'S' period and has no effect on 'Go' period. Then it can inhibit the abnormal proliferation of abnormal bladder mucosa and atypical hyperplasia, etc.
b. Immune inhibitors, such as interleukin - 2, the BCG vaccine etc., can stimulates the body's immune response and local reactions to prevent recurrent lesions.
Herbal medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the consolidation therapy. Clinical manifestations and early symptoms of this disease are often connected with bladder irritation, which belongs to stranguria in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine has been proved effective in treating glandular cystitis. What patients should concern is regular check. Remember to take contraceptive practice for at least three months.
Adapting to relative treatments after dissolving infection, obstruction and stone of chronic stimulation.
After dissolving infection, obstruction and stone of chronic stimulation, related treatments will be adopted according to the lesion's type, area and scope. Under the premise of treating bladder outlet obstruction, electric bright, electricity cut method and bladder perfusion, etc. are adopted. As it is recurrent for Glandular Cystitis, the damage to patients maybe slighter with the treatment of electric bright and electricity cut which can also be repeatedly. This therapy can be the main treatment for Glandular Cystitis.
Comparing with all these treatments together, you could see that herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the most suitable treatment for Glandular cystitis.
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