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4 Years Epididymitis Was Cured Successfully by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill


Peter, 46, had been struggling with chronic epididymitis for over four years. During this time, he has undergone several rounds of antibiotic treatment, approximately four times, but has not achieved full recovery. His treatments included two courses of Cipromax, one of Bactrim, and another antibiotic, the name of which he doesn't remember. Despite these treatments, while there is some improvement each time, the condition never completely resolves. 

Currently, the condition of his left testicle varies; on some days, it feels swollen and slightly painful, whereas on other days, the discomfort is minimal. Additionally, he has been experiencing foamy urine for the same four-year period. The foaminess has significantly decreased over time, but it is still present, especially noticeable in his first urination in the morning, gradually diminishing throughout the day.

Initial Treatment Challenges:

Frustrated with the lack of progress, Peter turned to Dr. Li's TCM Clinic for an alternative approach. After understanding Peter's condition, Dr. Li suggested that he take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which was specifically designed to promote urination, reduce inflammation and eliminate pain and other symptoms. 

However, during the early stages of this treatment, Peter did not see significant improvements due to his unhealthy diet, which included foods that could worsen the condition.

Turning Point:

Upon consultation, Dr. Li emphasized the importance of dietary control. He provided Peter with detailed dietary guidelines, which included avoiding spicy foods, alcohol, and caffeine, while encouraging a high intake of water and fiber-rich foods.

Peter adhered strictly to the dietary recommendations while continuing with the herbal treatment. After taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for 2 courses, Peter's symptoms have greatly improved. So he wrote an email to Dr. Li: Currently my symptoms are less than before. Sometimes mild pain in left testicle. When I am working and physically active, it is gone. But I notice a little bit when I am at rest sometimes. Also, sometimes there is a very mild tingling inside of my inner left thigh and foot but only when I am at rest.”


Due to the remaining symptoms, Peter decided to continue treatment. After another course of treatment, he gave feedback: "I just finished all the medicine. I feel that about 85% of the symptoms have been cured. If I did another month, I'm sure I would be 100% symptom free."


Complete Recovery:

After several courses of consistent treatment and dietary management, Peter's symptoms completely disappeared. Follow-up examinations showed no signs of inflammation, confirming that he had successfully overcome chronic epididymitis.

He wrote to Dr. Li: "I can now say that I am cured of my chronic epididymitis thanks to you and your medicine. It did take a bit longer than normal, about 8 months of continuous use but I think that is because I had the chronic condition for about 6 yrs with no cure. Before, I tried maybe 5-6 different courses of antibiotics and nothing ever worked. I kept doing research online to find a cure and I stumbled upon Dr. Lee's website so I decided to give it a try.

At first I was not so strict with the diet so I didn't feel any huge improvement but when I decided to strictly follow the diet, after about a month I could feel different things happening to my body. It's as though there was a stagnation or blockage before and then slowly but surely I could feel a "flow" through the inner thigh that would reduce the chronic pain, eventually eliminating it completely. It's amazing how natural herbs can heal the body from a chronic condition like this while modern antibiotics cannot.

Also, I had chronic back pain from past injuries for the past 20 yrs and the medicine has fixed maybe about 80% of that as well as a side effect. The medicine seems to have reset my whole body in a sense and I'm truly grateful for that.

So it's been about 1 week after I finished the medicine and I'm eating normal foods again without any symptoms recurring.

I want to thank Dr. Lee for her medicine and the many email correspondences throughout this process.”


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