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Fuyan Pill Success Case: Blocked Fallopian Tubes and Infertility
Name: Sherry
Gender: Female
Address: NIGERIA
Diagnosis: Blocked fallopian tubes and infertility
Medical history: 

Sherry was diagnosed blocked fallopian tubes and infertility. She wanted to get pregrnant, and tried our pill. Her brother took this pill for her. And after taking this pill  for about three months, she got pregnant successfully. 
Consulting time: 2014.10.10
Treating courses:  Three - month treatment with Fuyan Pill

At the first month of the treatment , sherry said she had experienced constipation. Then Dr. Lee asked sherry to continue this treatment and to eat more plain food like vegetables and fruits. 
Sherry said that she had menses delayed as long as the 3 days. Except this she didn't feel other great changes.
After three-month treatment with Fuyan pill, sherry got pregnant successfully , because the result of pregnant test she had been given a in hospital is positive. What's more, the fetus was healthy. Sherry was cured within three-month treatment with Fuyan Pill.

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