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Fuyan pill successful case-pelvic inflammation disease
Name: cindy

Age: 24
Gender: Female
Diagnosis:Pelvic inflammation disease

Nationality: the UK
Medical history:

Cindy is 24 years old, she was diagnosed Pelvic inflammation disease. Once she suffered from horrible pain and discharge that have great influence on her normal work and sexual life.

She had seen many dotcorts in the past years, but there was no good result. She almost lost her confidence on curing this disease, however, she found fuyan pill on internet accidentally. And just tried as her last chance.

And after taking this pill for about three months,she took the tests and the result was good. Everything was fine for her.
Consulting time: 2014.10.09
Treating courses: 
Three - month treatment with fuyan pill

The patient had suffered from recurrent symptoms of  PID, and the long history made her kidneys and spleen weaker. Thus blood and Qi circulation was weak. Pain occurs when Qi doesn’t circulate well. When spleen is weak, dampness and heat may gather at pelvic area which makes the vaginal discharge abnormal.  Generally, the causes of her condition can be concluded as: poor blood and Qi circulation, dampness and heat obstruction, weakness of kidneys and spleen. As a result, treatment should be aiming at promoting blood circulation, clearing away dampness at heat, and tonifying spleen and kidneys. Fuyan Pill is the very medicine which has above functions, so her condition can be completely cured after 3 months. 

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