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Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill successful case-non-bacterial Prostatitis
Name: Abdulrahman
Gender: Male
Adress: USA
Diagnosis: Non-bacterial Prostatitis
Medical history: For about two years, he had gone to many hospitals in two different countries, he had done a lot of working out, healthy food, and healthy sex life, but no positive result were found at all. Antibiotics and pain reviler )did not really help at all.Then he tried Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill.
At the end of the first month he started feeling my pain getting reduced, but nothing major was changed.At the second month and the pain kept getting reduced, but his symptoms still existed. At the end of the third month, he was not really quite sure that his situation was 100% cured. And his symptoms completely gone by the end of the fourth month. After he completed 5 months of the treatment he feel fine.Then he continued his sixth month pill,his situation keeps getting better every day. Now he has stopped taking the pills about one month, but the pain never bothered him any more.

Treating courses: 
Six - month treatment with Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill

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