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Fuyan Pill successful case-Adenomyosis
Gender: Female
Diagnosis: Adenomyosis
Medical history:  She was diagnosed with adenomyosis.  Before taking this pill, she always suffed from heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding and severe cramping and pelvic pain during menstruation. Also she had the lump on her left side.  And since taking fuyan pill, her condition was much better.

At the first month, her period was not that heavy as before, however, she still had severe cramping and pelvic pain, the lump was still there. So she continue taking another two courses of this pill. At the beginning of the third month, her period went normal, and she didn't have heavy period. Her severe cramping and pelvic pain were much lighter than before, but they had not gone completely. After the end of the third month, she said the pain diminished, the lump on her left side has gone too.

Treating courses: 
Three - month treatment with fuyan pill
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