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Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill successful case- seminal vesiculitis
Name: Mr. Lu 
Gender: male
Diagnosis: seminal vesiculitis

Treating courses: 3 months treatment with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill 

Mr. Lu had been diagnosed with seminal vesiculitis with the only symptoms was blood in semen and urine. He chose our treatment plan - to take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with some extra herbs for hemostasis after visiting several urologyst.
After one months treatment, he told me that his symptom was gone that he thought he was already get cured. However actually his disease wasn't cured yet after only one month. Since he had a chronic inflammation, the lesion can hardly be eliminated in as short as one month. As a result, I suggested him to continue the treatment. As it was expected, his symptoms recurred during his second treatment course, which indicated that his hemospermia hadn't been cured yet. 
In the middle of third treatment course, he told me that his symptoms hadn't been recurring for a while, and his genitourinary tests were all with good results. By this time he was completely get cured.
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