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Fuyan Pill successful case- blocaked tubes and infertility
Name: Viki
Gender: Female
Address: the United State
Diagnosis:tubal blockage and infetility
Medical history: Viki was diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes two and a half years ago. She had tried many ways, but she still couldn't get pregnant. ViKi was so eager to have a baby that she tried everything she could to treat the tubal blockage. However, there was no improvement.  
Consulting time: 2013.8.7
Treating courses: 
Three - month treatment with fuyan pill
Viki found fuyan pill on internet and tried to contact with  Dr. Lee . Considering that Viki had a history of long-term constipation, Dr. Lee advised her eat more fruits and vegetables, and continue the treatment. 
Had finished the second treatment course, she said her period delayed. Considering that Viki had tubal blockage for such along period, Dr. Lee suggested her the continuing observation. 
At the end of the third treatment course, Viki told Dr. Lee, she took the pregnancy test, and the result showed positive. Viki had a successful pregnancy, after her tubals had been blocked for over 2 years. Knowing the result, Dr. Lee asked Viki to stop drug use during pregnancy and avoid sex at the early stages of pregnancy.
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