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Mycoplasma Infections Come and Go: Can Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Really Treat it Completely?

Mycoplasma is a minimal prokaryote microorganism between bacteria and viruses, which lacks a cell wall and is highly polymorphic. It is a pathogen in respiratory pathogens. Mycoplasma infection is a disease caused by the body's infection with Mycoplasma, which is related to the patient's immune system.

 Traditional Chinese Medicine Treat Mycoplasma Infections

Mycoplasma infection is different from ordinary bacterial infections in that it is very contagious and can be spread through sexual intercourse or contact with items used by the carrier.

In addition, mycoplasma infection is often called a 'silent infection' because many patients do not have obvious symptoms, leading to the infection's hidden spread.

Why do mycoplasma infections recur over and over again?

According to clinical observations, the main causes of recurrent Mycoplasma infections are as follows:

1. Drug resistance

At present, Western antibiotics are still the main drugs used to treat Mycoplasma infections. However, due to the long time required to treat Mycoplasma infections and the side effects of antibiotics, such as drug resistance and tolerance, patients are prone to developing drug resistance during treatment, resulting in prolonged or recurrent disease.

2. Interaction between complications

Mycoplasma infection not only brings uncomfortable symptoms to patients but also spreads to urinary and reproductive tracts, resulting in urogenital diseases. For example, male patients often develop nongonococcal urethritis, prostatitis, epididymitis, etc., while female patients often develop gynecological inflammations such as cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and endometritis. The occurrence of complications makes treatment more challenging.

3. Incomplete treatment

Once the symptoms are relieved, many patients reduce the dosage or stop the drug without strictly following the doctor's advice to complete the treatment. This causes the pathogen not to be completely eliminated, and it is easy to have recurrent episodes later on.

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) cure mycoplasma infection?

In traditional Chinese medicine, the immune function of the human body is summarized as 'healthy qi,' and the external pathogenic factors are called 'evil qi.' It believes that the occurrence, development and transformation depend on the waxing and waning of the struggle between healthy qi and evil qi. 

Firstly, TCM does not only focus on sterilization and anti-inflammatory treatment like antibiotics. It is formulated reasonably based on the patient's symptoms to achieve targeted treatment effects. 

Li Xiaoping's Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and Fuyan Pill are commonly used traditional Chinese medicine formulas to treat mycoplasma infections, and their therapeutic effects are also very precise. Both of these formulas have undergone reasonable compatibility.

In the theory of TCM, the formulas of traditional Chinese medicine that are reasonably compatible can not only enhance the therapeutic effect of various medicinal materials but also offset each other's reactions. 

Secondly, antibiotics achieve therapeutic effects through sterilization and anti-inflammatory measures; that is, they help patients recover through external forces. Traditional Chinese medicine, on the other hand, mainly regulates the patient's body step by step in the treatment of Mycoplasma infection to enhance the body's own resistance and repair ability and thus effectively treat the disease.

The advantage of this treatment method is that it can not only turn Mycoplasma negative but also solve other complications caused by Mycoplasma infection, effectively avoiding the related effects between diseases.

It should be noted that no matter how good the medicine is, it also requires patient's cooperation. Only by taking sufficient and timely medication can it exert its maximum efficacy. Therefore, patients must be patient when using traditional Chinese medicine and should not stop or change medication at will.

In addition, paying attention to personal hygiene, establishing a good lifestyle, and enhancing immunity cannot be ignored. Only by combining treatment can patients completely get rid of Mycoplasma infection.

To sum up, repeated mycoplasma infections can be effectively treated with TCM. The premise is that patients take medicine on time and in an appropriate amount, cooperate with treatment, and pay attention to daily conditioning and health care. Finally, we hope everyone can avoid Mycoplasma infection and have a healthy life.

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