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Three kinds of health preservation treatment in our daily life
Health preservation in TCM refers to the concept of enjoying life, enhancing physical fitness and preventing diseases through various ways, and reaches the purpose of achieving longevity. In traditional Chinese, the health emphasis on the relationship between man and nature, people should conform to the natural environment, the change of climate and seasons, and to keep the balance of man and nature in order to avoid the evils of the invasion.
Most people now are tried to search the health preservation treatment in our daily life. So here, I want to introduce three kind of treatment for you.
1. Diet preservation treatment
Diet control is very important, only the long-term and reasonable diet can keep us in a healthy condition. To achieve this purpose, you can eat mulberry, lychee, pine nuts, black fungus, spinach, carrots, and pork and so on to nurse your body. These foods have a role in nourishing blood in our body. On the other hand, you can eat some fruits between meals. And when you have the symptoms of urine and thirst, then it suggest that you need to replenish enough water. So in order to absorb enough nutrients, a reasonable diet is needed.
2. Exercise preservation treatment
The core of life is exercising and it has a close connection with our fitness. Exercise regularly can help to enhance islet regulatory function and lipid status, improve organ function and enhance physical fitness. From a medical point of view, the exercise is an adjuvant therapy. Often participating in sports can promote the blood circulation, and reduce or avoid pain. The proper choice of exercise is the Chinese traditional exercise, such as tai-ji. Except that, you can also go for a picnic, in this way you can breathe the fresh air, and have a relaxing of your body and mood. 
3. Spiritual preservation treatment
The people with blood deficiency are often present the symptoms of lacking energy, insomnia and forgetfulness. So the spiritual preservation treatment will help. When you feel anxiety, or with a bad mood, you can have a chat with your friend, listen to music, or watch comedy and so on. Do not labor over to put too much stress on your heart. For older people, especially the elderly with blood deficiency can not over used of their brain. Once feel tired, you can enjoy the birds or scenery, and then the fatigue can be quickly eliminated.

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