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The key points of keeping health in spring are keeping warm, nourishing stomach and protecting liver
Like everything is renewing in the early spring, keep health in spring will lay a solid foundation of our body for a year. Wuhan Dr.lee reminds the elderly that if you want to keep health in the early spring, you should keep the three points in mind: keep warm in spring, nourish the stomach, and protect the liver.
Keeping warm in spring
Keep the dorsal, ventral and crural warm. In the early spring, we should try not to strip the clothes if the temperature increases only a little. And if we acknowledge that the cold air is coming, we should add clothes in advance. However, what we should pay the most attention to is the back, abdomen and foot. Dorsal warm can prevent the cold attack, and then reduce the chance of getting a cold; while the abdomen warm and can help to keep the indigestion and diarrhea away. In addition, there is a saying that "cold starting from the foot", so the foot, which with rich and sensitive nerve endings, can easily infect the diseases. So only we take a good care of our feet can we really make the body warm up.
Nourishing the stomach
Sweet foods are better than sour, and develop the habit of having porridge. Traditional Chinese Health says that in spring, we'd better to choose sweet rather than the acid to keep a good condition of spleen. This is because the spring prone to weak stomach diseases, so the appropriate diet is the food with less spicy and slightly sweet, such as yam, lily, and fungus and so on. The traditional Chinese medicine holds this view that porridge is the best food to nourish our stomach. If you usually feel epigastric pain, loss of appetite, dry mouth and throat, or even emaciation, then the yam and jujube and lily porridge can help you. If the stomach discomfort is caused by a bad mood, then it is recommended to eat the fungus and Pork slices, because the black fungus has the function of nursing Qi in our body, when combine with pork, the porridge then can not only replenish spleen but also nourish your spleen and kidney.
Protecting the liver
Take the morning stretch. In the five elements, spring belongs to wood element, and it is correspond with liver, so be sure to pay attention to liver in spring. Except to stay away from alcohol and tobacco and keep a healthy diet, the simplest one we can do is to have a stretching. When we are during a sleepy body, the blood circulation is slow. At that time, if we stretch our limbs and exercise the muscles of the body, while with a deep breathing, then the Qi and blood in your body can be promoted. After stretching, the blood circulation would stimulate liver function; as a result, it can achieve the purpose of keeping a healthy liver.
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