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To keep a balance of essence, Qi and spirit is important to men
The Internal Canon of Medicine, an ancient Chinese medicine book, point out that there are three treasures in human body: the essence, Qi and the spirit. With a rich essence, the Qi is also in a good condition. On the contrary, if the gas is weak, then you will feel depressed and mental incompetence.
1. Do not stay up late
 Chinese doctors believe that the regular upside down rest or stay up all night long can lead to the lack of essence, because the 11:00 to 1:00 at night is the time of blood and viscera flowing. At this time, the blood flow back to the liver to prepare the storage of energy, so if you do not fall sleep at that time, then you body will continue to force the liver work as usual, and the energy can not be stored. As a result, the liver will become Yin deficiency.
2. Try to engage in moderate exercise
 Chinese people hold this view that tai-ji, qigong or dancing is the good meditation exercise for them. And the health College coach explain that intense exercises means the loss of sweating, and the body fluids loss equal to the energy loss while the mood will easily become irritability. So the Chinese doctors recommend that the best choice for summer sports is the energy keeping exercises.
3. Avoid eating too greasy foods
 Eat fresh food rather than greasy foods, because the greasy foods can easy to increase the body weight or make the mental lethargy. The cooking also tries to choose the light and avoid the fried, grilled or high-calorie to eat. Modern diet is too messy; do not follow the natural timing adjustments, so it is tantamount to accelerate the internal heat. 
4. Less eat of cold food
 Ice or ice cream is the most popular summer food for popularity, but too much eating can easily lead to the hot and cold disorders. When the external environment temperature is high, we only take the cool into consideration, but ignore the higher body temperature (sometimes as high as 37 degrees Celsius), and if the ice water suddenly be poured into the body, then the internal organs in our body can not stand, and easily lead to the lax or depressed mind. 
5. The regular daily life
TCM is focused on Qi balance, so if the Qi runs disorder, but not flow smoothly, then both physical and mental can get some diseases. Meditation regimen is not difficult, in our daily life; living and walking are all can slow to maintain the action. You should know that only the smooth Qi can convert into enough energy activities, and finally stretch to the physical and mental relaxing. 

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