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Why Are You Always Angry? Analysis from Traditional Chinese Medicine!
Some people have a bad temper since birth, and some people's anger are caused by acquired factors. If the environment causes him to feel too hot and cannot excrete body toxins well, the accumulation will affect his mood and thinking.

Some people are in the middle. The menopause will also bring a bad temper, which is due to Yin and Yang disorders.

In summer, it is easy to get angry and it is easy to get liver qi stagnation and the consequent damage to our body. Therefore, one can choose Traditional Chinese medicine to regulate the liver by clearing inner heat.

Basically, anger, joy, thought, sorrow, fear, is also the corresponding emotions of the five internal organs in the concept of Chinese medicine. Anger tend to hurt the liver, to avoid

emotional discomfort, we can choose catharsis to eliminate our negative emotions.

If you have a tendency to be irritable, we should consider whether the liver is on internal heat. To eliminate liver heat, in addition of seeing a doctor, here is what to eat on the diet.

1. Eat some “bitter” foods, which mainly include bitter gourd, almonds, bitter herbs, broadleaf holly leaf and so on.

2. Juice and juicy foods, such as watermelon, it has thirst-quenching, diuretic, more conducive to the root of internal heat.

3. Foods containing more protein, such as soybeans, spirulina (protein content of more than 60%), lean meat, etc., high-protein foods have the effect of nourishing Yin and clear heat. In addition, for people who are prone to anger, it may have a close connection with the mentality in daily life.

Maintaining a balanced mentality in daily life helps to regulate the heat in the body, protect the liver, and make the liver more healthy.

Although "liver heat" is not a serious illness, it cannot be taken lightly. The most common sign of liver heat rise is that one is easy to be excited and angry. If not treated in time, it will seriously affect the social relationship between people.

Under normal circumstances, the liver heat represents in dizziness, red face, irritability, dry mouth, bitter stench, difficult sleep. At the same time as women have the above symptoms, sometimes irregularities such as irregular menstruation, loss of appetite, picky eaters, and spit.

Liver Qi is too strong, liver heat is too high, it is easy to damage the temper

The five elements theory of Chinese medicine believe that all things in the universe are represented by wood, fire, earth, gold, and water, and the five internal organs are no exception. The spleen belongs to "soil" and the liver belongs to "wood".

Under normal physiological conditions, wood restrians earth, that is to say, wood has a restriction on earth. If the wood Qi is too strong, it can cause an excessive restraint, that becomes an aggression, many people with temperament have a liver Qi (wood)that is too strong, causing attack on the spleen (earth). Therefore, less anger is not only for the liver, but also for the spleen.

People with a strong temper are prone to have a weak spleen Qi. People with bad temper, liver qi is not dredged well, Liver governs dispersing, long time of dysfunction lead to losing the domination, spleen governs transportation, if liver Qi is not dredged, then the spleen Qi is not elevated, spleen deficiency will be caused by damage of the visceral function damage long after.

The spleen and stomach provide the material basis of the acquired constitution. When the spleen and stomach are weak, it is easy to brew and produce heat. If the damp heat affects the liver and gallbladder, it is easy to cause liver heat, so the temper is closely related with liver heat.

In the final analysis, as long as the liver is well conditioned, it will improve the body functions such as temper.
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