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Chinese Acupuncture Therapy is Expected to Be Included in American Medical Insurance
At the end of last year, a new law in the United States included acupuncture for the first time, requiring an assessment of the analgesic effect of acupuncture within a year. A new study also shows that the number of acupuncturists in the United States has increased by 257% compared with 20 years ago.

In recent years, the Oriental diagnostic and therapeutic methods such as acupuncture therapy, which have a long history, have gradually been recognized worldwide. In 2019, the World Health Assembly will launch the 11th edition of the Global Medical Outline, in which TCM will be included for the first time. 
For TCM, these acceptance and recognition are an essential step to expand the scope of practice and are of considerable significance to many inheritors and innovators who are committed to promoting the TCM to the globe.
At the beginning of the 20th century, with the rapid development of the modern medical system and medical technology, Modern medical workers have declared that Modern medicine is the most effective way to treat human diseases. Because modern medical treatment is the result after a long time and a wide range of experimental verification, it is suitable for almost all patients of the same kind to use this method.

It is said that the treatment process of modern medicine is well documented from the treatment method to the patient's physical changes, and each index can be quantified. It also claims that modern medicine is easy to learn and master, and it is the most scientific.
For a long time, in the overseas medical market, traditional Chinese medicine is mostly in the complementary and alternative position of medical means. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) faces many difficulties and challenges in its overseas development due to its own standard system being in line with international standards and other issues.
While advocating modern medicine, there are also many people who jump out to question about traditional Chinese medicine, saying that it is a kind of witchcraft, each patient's treatment plan, and prescription are different with the same disease. TCM can not prove their efficacy through long-term and large-scale experimental data. And this time, Donald Trump signed the bill, which directly makes many people who advocate the uselessness of traditional Chinese medicine lose faces.

In fact, TCM has been accepted by many Americans in the 1970s. Many states in the United States have passed legislation to recognize TCM. It is also popular among American stars and wealthy people. American reality show star Kim Kardashian is one of the faithful supporters of acupuncture and has regular diagnosis and treatment. The famous American swimmer Michael Phelps who has won numerous Olympic gold medals always wears the imprint of cupping. The Associated Press even published an article saying "Phelps is the spokesman for China's cupping."
According to media reports in the United States, in recent years, painkillers have been rampant in the United States. In 2017, 72,000 Americans died from overdoses of painkillers. This time the Trump included Chinese medicine acupuncture therapy as an alternative therapy for pain relief, which is obviously the recognition of Chinese medicine acupuncture therapy. 
This is a matter worthy of celebration and celebration for Chinese medicine, which proves that the efficacy of Chinese medicine will be gradually recognized and accepted by modern culture. With the launch of the "one belt and one-way" development plan of Chinese medicine and the implementation of the Chinese medicine law, the Chinese medicine industry has ushered in a better policy environment. 

Some experts and scholars in the field of traditional Chinese medicine are striving to promote traditional Chinese medicine to a broader international stage in their respective fields. For example, Herbalist Lee Xiaoping of Wuhan, who developed the patent Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and Fuyan Pill, has cured countless overseas patients and brought them health and hope. 
If we want to speed up the pace of promoting TCM to the world, efforts should be made to improve the scientificalness and use scientific language to prove the medicine and pharmacology of Chinese medicine. Some experts believe that from legislation to the establishment of international standards, the scientificity of TCM is also recognized, which will undoubtedly promote the process of internationalization of the whole TCM industry.
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