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The Prescription of Chinese Herbal Medicine Is Not as Easy as You Think
At present, various kinds of Chinese patent medicines not only let patients not bother to see the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, nor go to the Chinese medicine pharmacy to fill a prescription of Chinese herbal medicine. The small bags are convenient, a pack of granules, an oral liquid or even a box of pills of unified dosage and dosage is worth a bowl of thick soup. Although it is convenient for patients and meet the needs of general patients, there are also many potential problems that can not be ignored.

Recently, Ms. Liu suffered from chronic nephritis got an acute attack due to upper respiratory tract infection. The result of urine examination of red blood cells is +++, accompanied by pharyngalgia, red urination. This condition is caused by byInvasion of pathogenic heat through TCM syndrome differentiation and should be treated with heat-clearing and dampness-eliminating medication. However, the doctor of modern medicine in the general hospital she visited prescribed some tablets with a warming effect. However, they were not only ineffective but also aggravated the symptoms and condition.
Most people think that Chinese patent medicine is mild in property of medicine with slow efficacy and no side effects. Chinese patent medicine has become a Jack of all trades, it can treat illness and keep fit without diseases, and is regarded as a health product, and you can take it at ease. And that's why it leads to the abuse of Chinese patent medicine.
From the current dosage, proportion, abuse degree, and frequency of Chinese patent medicines, has reached a similar situation of antibiotic. Especially when doctors of modern medicine used to prescribe chemical medicine, they often prescribe Chinese patent medicine to patients, and some prescribe several courses of treatment, so that patients can take it for a long time, which further aggravates the misuse and abuse of Chinese patent medicine. 
According to incomplete statistics, about 70% of Chinese patent medicines in China are prescribed by modern medicine doctors in general hospitals, and the irrational utilization rate of Chinese patent medicines in the clinic is as high as 40%. In order to further standardize the use of Chinese patent medicines in the medical process. In order to prevent abuse of Chinese medicine and drug safety problems, the former Ministry of Health and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine promulgated the Guiding Principles for Clinical Application of Chinese Patent Medicine as early as 2011. 

In recent years, some institutions and departments of traditional Chinese medicine have also carried out "special continuing education for modern medical practitioners in the rational and standardized use of Chinese patent medicines" in an attempt to correct and change the current situation of abuse of Chinese patent medicines. 
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treats diseases by identifying and analyzing the symptoms, tongue coating and pulse signs, examining, judging, and verifying the pathogenesis of the disease. Legislative Prescriptions for medication are characterized by "One person, one prescription." 
However, the composition of Chinese patent medicine is fixed, which determines that a Chinese patent medicine can only be applied to the treatment of a disease with certain pathogenesis determined by its constituent medicine. That is to say, the clinical use of Chinese patent medicine not only need to correctly analyze the pathogenesis of patients but also remember the pathogenesis of Chinese patent medicine. It is not even an easy task for a professional Chinese medicine doctor. 

Objectively speaking, the compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine is stringent. If doctors can't prescribe drugs according to the proportion, it will have adverse effects on patients' health. Dr. Lee Xiaoping develops Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and Fuyan Pill through her 30 years of clinical experience, which cure countless patients with urinary system diseases and genital system diseases. And it can not be achieved by the short-term special continuing education for practicing physicians of Modern medicine.
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