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Dandelion: A Traditional Heat-clearing and Detoxifying Herb
Modern pharmacological studies have proved that dandelion has strong bactericidal and antiviral effects, and has gallbladder, diuretic and stomach-strengthening effects. Earl Mindell, a well-known nutritional and health expert in the United States, has recently shown that dandelion is a natural diuretic, digestive aid and rich in minerals. 
It can not only help prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency, but also regulate the water-salt balance with sodium, and make heart rate normal. Dandelion is rich in vitellin, therefore, it can prevent liver cirrhosis, enhance the function of liver and gallbladder.

In addition, Dandelion has also been a popular seasonal edible wild vegetable. In recent years, with the deepening of its research, dandelion has also changed from the edible wild vegetable to delicious food on the table of hotels and restaurants. The recognition of its health care function has also attracted the attention of medical and nutritional experts.
Although dandelion contains a lot of vitamin a, vitamin C and other nutrients, it can help the body lack of nutrients, and it can also clear heat and detoxify, for some of the pain caused by internal heat can be effectively alleviated. Nevertheless, dandelion is a relatively cold-type herb, long-term dandelion tea drinking will bring  disadvantages to the body.
Damage to the spleen and stomach
Dandelion is cold in nature, so drinking dandelion tea for a long term will cause certain damage to the spleen and stomach, and make the spleen and stomach in a more deficient cold state. Therefore, people are easy to have some deficient cold symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and it will easily affect women’s menstruation.
Lower blood pressure

For people with normal blood pressure, if they drink water like dandelion for a long time, their blood pressure will be lowered. Although high blood pressure will cause harm to the body, keeping their body in a hypotensive state for a long time will also cause a series of symptoms.
Some people are allergic to dandelion because it contains a substance that can damage the body's immune system, especially those with allergic constitution. If they drink dandelion tea for a long time, allergies will recur. At the same time, we also need to know that dandelion can not be eaten for a long time.
Although Dandelion is also added in Dr. Lee's Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and Fuyan Pill, the proportion of dandelion in the formula is strictly controlled, which is made by strict compatibility and will not have any side effects on the human body, so patients can take it for a long time at ease.

Generally speaking, although dandelion has a high nutritional value, it has certain taboos in food, and people an not drink dandelion water for a long time under any conditions, drinking dandelion tea for a long time can lead to a series of hazards.
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