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The 3rd Annual Chinese Academic Conference on Andrology and Pharmacology was held in Wuhan
On September 6-7, the Third Chinese Academic Year of Andrology and Pharmaceuticals co-sponsored by the Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Professional Committee of Andrology Research of the Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Center of Pharmaceutical Research and Evaluation Technology of the Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine was held in Wuhan.
The experts of this conference made academic reports around the three themes of "sexual dysfunction, prostatic disease, and male infertility." Thematic discussions were made on the key points of practical operation in andrology, impotence syndrome differentiation and rational use of Chinese patent medicine, premature ejaculation syndrome differentiation, and treatment of Traditional and Modern medicine, and integration of Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of prostatitis.

Full academic exchanges have been made between TCM syndrome differentiation and classification of male infertility, rational selection of Chinese patent medicines, and determination of the spermatogenic function of azoospermia.
Professor Guo Yinglu, an expert in urology, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and honorary chairman of the Professional Committee of Andrological Drug Research of Chinese Traditional Medicine Association, said in his speech: "It is a good form for all Traditional Chinese and Modern medicine to discuss together."
Academician Guo Yinglu showed us the frustrating course of Chinese urology andrology career from scratch to strength and encouraged the Traditional Chinese and Modern medicine andrology experts present to work hand in hand to create a world-class level of Chinese urology andrology career. He believed that the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Modern medicine would promote the development of urology to achieve a new transcendence at the present time when modern medicine is moving from molecular biology and genomics to integrated science. 
For example, Dr. Lee Xiaoping's Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill not only has the characteristics of spectrum antimicrobial of Modern medicine but also adhere to the principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment, thus effectively curing numerous male patients with reproductive and urinary system diseases.
The 3rd Annual Chinese Academic Conference on Andrology and Pharmaceuticals not only inherits the excellent heritage of andrology in traditional Chinese medicine but also innovates andrology and improves the level of diagnosis and treatment of andrological diseases. It is also an important way to carry out the rational clinical application and academic exchanges of Chinese patent medicine in the treatment of andrological diseases.
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