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Why Should You Stick to Diet When Taking Herbal Medicine?
Since ancient times, doctors of traditional Chinese medicine have paid great attention to telling patients to stick to the diet during medication, and this link is closely related to the curative effect. So why is it so important? How does food play a role in your treatment?

1. Medicine and food homology
Traditional Chinese medicine comes from nature, and many foods have certain properties of medicines. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treats diseases with the different properties of cold, hot, and cool herbs, to treat the deficiency and excess of cold and heat, and to keep a balance between Yin and Yang in the human body.
The compatibility of herbs with properties of cold, hot and cool in the herbal formula is already balanced. During the period of taking medicine, if you eat some food which is of cool nature or hot nature, it will disturb the effect of herbal medicine in correcting the imbalance of Yin and Yang.

2. Damage to the spleen and stomach
During illness, the function of spleen and stomach is often weak. Beans, meat, raw and cold food, and other foods that are not easy to digest will increase the gastrointestinal burden of patients, thus affecting the recovery speed of patients.
If the function of the stomach is normal, it will help the medicine to play a better role in treatment. If the function of the stomach is damaged or poor, not only the diet can not be transported, but also the efficacy can be reduced a lot, it will lead to the aggravation of the disease or delay the recovery. Therefore, the treatment and diet should always focus on strengthening the stomach.

3. Aggravate the condition
Some meat or seafood, such as chicken, mutton, fish, shrimp, crab, egg, milk, etc., as well as rotten food or food with irritation, are all the irritating food as the old saying goes. Those foods can cause recurrence or aggravate the disease. For example, when patients take our Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and Fuyan Pill, it is really significant to stick to the diet we give you.
In addition, tea can't be drunk when taking herbal medicine, especially when drinking strong tea. Because there are more tannic acids in tea, this oleic acid will have a chemical reaction with some of the effects of traditional Chinese medicine and reduce the efficacy.
Therefore, people who have the habit of drinking tea at ordinary times must pay attention to that they'd better not drink tea when taking medicine. If they want to drink tea, they should leave two hours after taking medicine Tea on the right.
People usually eat a variety of food with their own properties and have a certain impact on the occurrence of disease, development and curative effect. Improper combinations of drugs and food will reduce the efficacy and even produce side effects. The practice has proved that it is reasonable to stick to the diet when receiving treatment.

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