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Curative Effect of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Treatment of COVID-19 Is Obvi
It is noteworthy that the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine has played an important role in the treatment of novel coronavirus virus besides conventional treatment.
Jiao Yahui, deputy director of the medical administration bureau of the National Health Commission, said at a press conference held by the health commission a few days ago that the role of traditional Chinese medicine should be given full play, and the combination of Chinese and Western medicine is an important way to treat the epidemic.
The treatment of the novel coronavirus virus has drawn lessons from the fight against SARS in 2003. Since the beginning of the campaign, the TCM team has been involved in the diagnosis and treatment of the first line of clinical work and fought side by side with western medicine.
The practice results show that in the absence of precise and effective targeted drugs in the absence of a vaccine, flexible use of Chinese traditional medicine combined with traditional Chinese medicine has been effective in the prevention and treatment of novel coronavirus virus. The effective rate of individual prescriptions has even reached 90%.
It is reported that in the clinical application of Guangdong Province, "pneumonia No. 1" has cured 50 cases of novel coronavirus virus (mild condition) confirmed cases, after one week of clinical observation, all patients returned to normal temperature, 50% of patients with cough disappeared, 52.4% of patients with sore throat improved, 69.6% of patients with fatigue symptoms disappeared, no case of patients turn to severe condition.

At present, clinical data and cases can verify that traditional Chinese medicine plays a very important role in alleviating the symptoms of patients, delaying or reducing the development of light illness into a severe illness.

On February 7th, at the news conference of the fifth novel coronavirus virus prevention and control work in Henan Province, Zhang Zhi min, deputy director of Henan Health Protection Committee, said that the current rate of consultation of new severe pneumonia among the critically ill patients in Henan province was 100%. In the confirmed patients and discharged patients, the cooperative treatment rate of Chinese medicine reached 94.31% and 90.7%, respectively.
Zhang Boli, member of the expert group of the National Health Commission, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that after the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine has a high cure rate in patients with moderate and mild cases, and the transformation from the moderate to the severe patients is significantly reduced.
For the patients with a severe condition, it can stabilize the blood oxygen saturation, improve the dyspnea, and have a certain auxiliary treatment effect; for the just cured patients, The convalescent patients who are discharged from hospital can also avoid some sequelae. He said that the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine are reflected in these aspects, and the combination of Chinese and Western medicine is a good way.
As the crystallization of traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill and Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill also have remarkable achievements in their own treatment field, curing numerous patients and bringing hope to them.
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