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Chinese Herbal Medicine Has a High Curative Effect on COIVD-19

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work conference in Jiangxi was held at 15 on February 16th in Nanchang. According to the introduction, 14 of the 23 confirmed patients in Fusheng Hospital District, Affiliated Hospital of Jiangxi University of traditional Chinese medicine were treated with herbal medicine alone, and 9 were treated with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, of which 2 were discharged today.
According to Liu Liangyu, a high-level expert from Jiangxi emergency command for epidemic prevention and control and leader of the expert group of traditional Chinese medicine prevention and control in Jiangxi Province, the vast majority of patients can be improved or cured by traditional Chinese medicine or integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment in the early stage of the condition.
Asymptomatic patients with COVID-19 are not uncommon in clinical practice. The so-called asymptomatic only refers to the absence of fever, cough and other symptoms. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is not really asymptomatic. In fact, there have been abnormalities in diet, defecation, mental state, physical strength, feeling, tongue, pulse and other aspects.
Therefore, these patients need to be given Chinese medicine treatment as early as possible, which can effectively curb the development of the disease. For severe and critical patients, the main advantages of traditional Chinese medicine are to improve clinical symptoms, reduce fever, alleviate the aggravation, shorten treatment course, reduce hormone dosage and complications.
As of 24:00 on February 15th, 878 of 925 confirmed cases in Jiangxi Province were treated with traditional Chinese medicine decoction or combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, with a utilization rate of 95%; 719 of 878 patients treated with traditional Chinese medicine or combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine improved, with an effective rate of 82%; 218 of 239 patients cured and discharged were cured and discharged by combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, accounting for 91%.
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