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Global Scientific Research Institutes Are Searching for Drugs to Fight Novel Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus continues to persist. Many scientific research institutions around the world are working hard to find effective drugs against the virus. The existing drugs are being screened more quickly, and the research and development of specific drugs are going on day and night. The unique effect of traditional Chinese Medicine against viruses is also concerned.
As a new type of virus, the scientific community still has a limited understanding of the new coronavirus, which greatly limits the development of targeted specific drugs. Screening broad-spectrum antiviral drugs and new use of old drugs are more hopeful of solving the urgent problem. 
Tam Desai, general director of the World Health Organization, believes that all efforts must be made to use the existing drugs "to fight against the virus while making long-term preparations.
Although it is novel, it still belongs to coronavirus in classification. Therefore, the effective antiviral drugs for the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus, and other similar viruses are worth trying.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment plan research and development are being carried out in two clinical trials and is expected to be preliminary in 3 weeks, according to WHO's February 20th introduction. One is a combination of the anti-HIV drugs Lopinavir and Ritonavir, and the other is antiviral drug Readcivir.

Radcivir is a broad-spectrum antiviral developed by Gilead Technology Company of the United States, which is mainly used to treat Ebola haemorrhagic fever and MERS. Previous studies have shown the efficacy of the drug against coronavirus, but clinical trials have not been completed, and it has not been approved for marketing. 
Based on the principle of compassionate medication, American researchers used Readcivir in a new coronavirus infected person, and the symptoms of the patient improved significantly within one or two days, making the drug highly attractive.
The combination of Lopinavir and Ritonavir also old drugs. Previous studies have shown that these two components can inhibit SARS coronavirus when used alone, and the combination of them can produce a synergistic effect. 
However, the results of a newly published study show that the combination of the two drugs is not better than the control group in improving clinical symptoms and accelerating virus clearance in patients with novel coronavirus infection.
China's novel coronavirus, a malaria treatment drug, has entered the new version of the sixth edition of the new crown pneumonia issue issued by the National Health Council of China. It is expected to further summarize the efficacy on the basis of more applications. The antiviral drug, such as the drug, is also worthy of attention. The scientific research team is pushing forward animal clinical and clinical trials.
In terms of research and development direction, at present, almost all organizations around the world have referred to the drug research and development strategies of SARS and MERs, including the development of targeted small molecule drugs, small interfering RNA drugs and neutralizing antibodies. 

Some of these drugs play a role by inhibiting the enzyme of the virus replication cycle and virus surface protein, while others block the virus from entering the host cell by improving the host's own immunity. At present, the research and development of specific drugs are basically in the initial stage, with many problems to be solved and a long period. 

However, some new technologies and platforms are expected to "speed up" drug research and development. For example, existing research and development institutions have indicated that monoclonal antibodies can be found by rapid screening technology to accelerate drug development for novel coronavirus.
Columbia University and Ma Yun Foundation recently established a special project for the research and development of new coronavirus drugs and antibodies, with He Dayi, a famous Chinese AIDS scientist, as the general director of the project. Researchers will use four different methods to develop drugs or antibodies to stop the virus from replicating.
In any case, new drug research and development will not be accomplished overnight. As an academician, Zhou Qi, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said, "we are all looking forward to the emergence of a new drug, but there are objective limitations and time requirements for the emergence of new drugs."
Attention paid to the effect of traditional Chinese Medicine
Xu Nanping, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, said that Chinese herbal Medicine had been actively promoted by the Chinese medicine department in the light of the new development of the novel coronavirus.
China's novel coronavirus has also been discussed in the paper by Nicola Robinson, emeritus professor of South Bank University. Novel coronavirus has shown promise in novel coronavirus and is indeed worth investing in resources to further study their role because only a few tools are available for fighting against the virus." she said.

Misha Cohen, a registered acupuncturist in San Francisco, USA, said many Chinese herbal medicines might be suitable for treating novel coronavirus. Some herbal prescriptions are often used for immune support, which is called nourishing prescriptions in traditional Chinese Medicine. They can replenish qi and keep a balance of body fluid. 
These prescriptions have different pharmacological effects and can be used to prevent infection. In addition, some herbs can clear away metabolic waste. From the perspective of Western Medicine, they have specific antiviral and antibacterial effects.
Mark Freyer, the member of the French Academic Committee of Traditional Chinese Medicine, believes that Chinese herbal medicine can help reduce fever or expectoration, which are two major symptoms of viral pneumonia. However, any medicine has side effects, and traditional Chinese Medicine is based on personalized treatment, so we should pay attention to strengthen research before promotion.
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