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64 Countries Learn from Chinese Medicine Experts How to Fight against Coronavirus

On the forenoon of coronavirus on April 14th, more than ten foreign media reporters from the United States, Britain, Germany, and Holland walked into the Wuhan Municipal Hospital of Chinese Medicine and met with Chinese medicine specialists and experts in critical care medicine in the forefront of the epidemic prevention.
They also understood the role of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in the prevention and control of coronavirus in Wuhan, the difference between TCM and Western Medicine in the process of treatment has become the focus of many foreign media reporters.
"China is actively promoting experience in fighting against coronavirus to the world." Chinese medicine practitioners have joined the Chinese medical team to help ease outbreaks in Cambodia, Iraq, and Italy, the economist reported. The Chinese government has also donated traditional medicines to other countries.
In the wake of the global outbreak, 90000 people from 64 countries attended the latest conference call to learn from Chinese medicine experts how to fight the coronavirus.
Coronavirus has been shared by China's public health experts and their counterparts in the United States. Zhang Boli, an expert of the central steering group and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that at present, more than 90% of the confirmed cases in China had been treated with traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Patients with mild symptoms such as sore throat can take Chinese patent medicine completely. Coronavirus can not be killed by TCM, but Chinese Medicine can cure the patients with new crown pneumonia with Chinese Medicine. The focus of traditional Chinese Medicine is always the whole body, not just the virus. American experts specifically asked about the use of traditional Chinese Medicine, applicable diseases, and other issues, and Chinese experts answered one by one.
According to Brazil's South American overseas Chinese newspaper, Higgins, President of the Brazilian hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine, said that traditional Chinese Medicine is necessary for the fight against the epidemic. China's measures to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic are worth learning from other countries.
In China's history, when an epidemic broke out, traditional Chinese Medicine has always been on the front line to fight against the disease, Higgins said. Many people survived with the help of traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine should give full play to their advantages and complement each other to give patients better medical care.
Somsa, director of the Department of Medical Services of the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand, said that traditional Chinese Medicine played an important role in the fight against the epidemic in China, with obvious curative effect. Thailand will also consider coronavirus in Chinese Medicine under appropriate circumstances.
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