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Is it better to treat chronic bacterial prostatitis with combination of Chinese and western medicine
Both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine have advantages and disadvantages respectively. In the treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis, which medicine is more suitable for patients? 
Doctors point out that if the disease can be completely solved by Chinese medicine alone, it is better to use Chinese medicine to treat it. Similarly, if the disease can be solved by using western medicine alone, western medicine can also be used simply. However, in the case of chronic bacterial prostatitis, the patient not only can be infected by bacteria, but also has some unspeakable discomforts.
For the relief of chronic prostatitis symptoms, traditional Chinese medicine can be used to achieve a relatively obvious effect. Meanwhile, the patient can take suitable western medicine like antibiotics to help eliminate the bacteria in the prostate gland, which can shorten the treatment time. Therefore, for the chronic bacterial prostatitis that features clear pathogen, the patient can choose specific antibiotics while taking Chinese medicine, which seems to be a better approach.
Chinese medicine has many advantages when it comes to treat chronic prostatitis. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often recommended to patients. By the contrast of antibiotics, it has no side effects or drug resistance. And it can be taken with other western medicine simultaneously. Adhering to taking this pill can effectively improve the symptoms and radically cure chronic prostatitis. It can also help to achieve the effect of the combination of Chinese and western medicine.
It is worth noting that the use of antibacterial drugs must be in the case of determining the species of bacteria and drug sensitivity, combined with traditional Chinese medicine for treatment. Non-standard mixed use can not eliminate the bacteria and relieve the symptoms of clinical discomfort, and may lead to severe conditions. Moreover, the use of antibacterial drugs must be strictly in accordance with the specifications of drug use. If the patient uses antibiotics for more than 10 days without good curative effect, he should stop it right now and consult the doctor in time.
Adopting large doses of antibiotics for treatment at every turn is not desirable. It must be pointed out in particular that traditional Chinese medicine also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition to the poor curative effect on some specific bacteria, nearly 90% of chronic bacterial prostatitis can be cured merely by Chinese medicine. And for the present clinical treatment of chronic aseptic prostatitis, Chinese medicine can be of great help as well.
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