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What Is The Advantage Of Traditional Chinese Medicine In Treating Infertility?
Traditional Chinese medicine features thousands of years of history related to the treatment of infertility. With rich experience and unique methods, the Chinese medicine theory has developed its own system.
Its advantages are as follows:

1. Eliminate miscellaneous diseases.
If the patient has other medical problems besides infertility, the complications should be removed first.
2. Treat with syndrome differentiation.
According to the changes of cold, heat, deficiency and excess of yin, yang, qi and blood in the internal organs of the body, the treatment plan can be decided and performed.
3. The woman and the man are treated simultaneously.
The female needs to tonify the kidney and liver. In females, pregnancy will occur when essence and energy are strong and the menstruation is harmonious. If the female kidney yang is deficient, the menstruation will always be pushed back, and its condition will be little and thin, causing being infertile during long-term marriage. Qi stagnation and blood stasis will occur as well, leading to menstrual disorder, abdominal distension and pain and more blood clots with dark color.
Male sterility is mainly related to dysfunction of kidney, liver and spleen, according to the view of traditional Chinese medicine. Kidney holds semen, which is responsible for reproduction. While deficient kidney will lead to spermatogenesis dysfunction, which includes impotence, no ejaculation, little seminal fluid, weak sperm and dead sperm.
Traditional Chinese medicine adopts the methods of invigorating qi and tonifying kidney, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, filling essence and tonifying marrow, soothing the liver and improving the spleen, so as to harmonize qi and blood in the body.
4. Fewer side effects.
As long as the syndrome differentiation is accurate, there will be less side effects after long-term application of traditional Chinese medicine. For example, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a pure Chinese medicine, which has no side effects and can be used to treat the tubal blockage caused by inflammation, thus solving the infertility. 
Traditional Chinese medicine stresses the treatment in the light of causes. For women who are deficient in liver and kidney, they should be treated with the method of tonifying kidney to regulate menstruation and nourish blood. For those who suffer from liver depression, qi stagnation and poor blood circulation, the method of soothing liver, regulating qi and nourishing blood can be used.
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