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Cupping Is A Good Option For Patients With Prostatitis
Prostatitis is a common disease that occurs most frequently in men between the ages of 20 to 60. The onset of the disease is relatively slow and the symptoms are complex and non-specific, which can be divided into local symptoms and systemic symptoms, mainly manifested in urinary tract symptoms, reproductive system symptoms and mental depression. 
Cupping therapy belongs to traditional Chinese medicine, which has a long history. In today's society, cupping has been seen as a good option for patients with prostatitis. The principle of cupping is to take the cup as a tool, using combustion, air extraction, steam and other methods to create negative pressure in the cup, so that the cup can be adsorbed on the surface of the body acupoints or diseased parts. This method can make local skin congested and produce blood stasis and benign stimulation, which has the effect of relieving qi and pain, reducing swelling, dispelling cold, clearing away heat and removing poison.
Three options of cupping are often used in clinical treatment of prostatitis, which can be adopted to relieve systemic symptoms, local pain and other symptoms.
The first one is that the lumbosacral and lumbar regions can be treated to relieve pain and remove dampness and heat. The second one is that the treatment is carried out along the arteries and bladder, which can achieve the balance of yin and yang, dredge the channels and collaterals, relieve fatigue, eliminate tension, anxiety and other negative emotions, so as to achieve the purpose of physical and mental relaxation. The third one is to select specific points for treatment, such as pishu, shenshu and mingmen, which can achieve the purpose of regulating the inner organs and strengthening the health energy.
Cupping is a simple and practical approach, which lasts about 5 to 15 minutes each time. All you need to do is to lie quietly on the treatment bed, relaxing your body and mind. One course of treatment usually includes 5 to 10 times cupping, and the interval between two courses is usually 3 to 5 days. And you can continue the treatment after the cup prints have disappeared. 
Tradition Chinese medicine can be use to treat prostatitis, and the cupping therapy is one part of the adjuvant therapies. In general, the main option in Tradition Chinese medicine for the prostatitis treatment is Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which features more than 50 kinds of herbal ingredients and can help to effectively dispel inflammation as well as improve male prostate health. With these method, patients can always get prostatitis cured.
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