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Advantages of TCM in Treating Chronic Prostatitis
More than 90% of chronic prostatitis are non-bacterial, and less than 10% are bacterial infections. Most non-bacterial chronic prostatitis is caused by the unsmooth discharge of prostatic fluid, an abnormal secretory function of the prostate, and a reflux of urine. Generally, if the prostatic fluid is unblocked and its stasis is eliminated, the patient's pain and inflammation can also be relieved.
Modern medicine still uses antibiotics orally or injected as the main treatment. Although it has a certain effect on some bacterial prostatitis, it has no effect on other types of prostatitis. Western medicine treatment of chronic prostatitis is based on antibiotics, but the surface of the prostate is a biolipid film composed of tough connective tissue and smooth muscle. Antibiotics are not easy to penetrate, and chronic prostatitis is prone to fibrosis, and antibiotics are less likely to spread to the focus. Therefore, the effect of antibiotics is limited. 

In chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, antibiotics are not effective because there is no bacteria. As a result, the curative effect of western medicine in the treatment of chronic prostatitis is not good. From another perspective, the abuse of antibiotics for prostatitis is likely to cause drug resistance. The treatment of prostate pain is almost useless.
Clinically, chronic prostatitis is mostly treated with TCM. TCM treatment of chronic prostatitis has stronger specificity and pertinence. No matter what kind of prostatitis, TCM adopts syndrome differentiation treatment. Even the same patient may use different drugs at different stages of development. 
Anti-fibrosis treatments such as TCM for clearing heat, detoxification, removing dampness, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, dredging channels, and dispelling knots can achieve good results. For example, Dr. Li Xiaoping's Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is made from natural herbs, which can not only effectively treat chronic prostatitis, but also will not cause side effects and drug resistance. What are the advantages of TCM in treating chronic prostatitis?
TCM has the following advantages in treating chronic prostatitis:
1. It allows inflammatory secretions to be discharged. TCM can both fight infection and eliminate viruses; it can both fight infection and eliminate viruses. The implication is that Chinese medicine not only acts on surface microorganisms, but also has anti-inflammatory effects.
2. When Chinese medicine treats chronic prostatitis, it can not only improve inflammation, but also work efficiently in anti-fibrosis, anti-calcification, and anti-proliferation. It has a relatively good therapeutic effect on prostate congestion, stasis, and obstruction of excretion, which is the biggest advantage of TCM in treating prostate diseases.
3. Patients currently use TCM to treat prostatitis because it can eliminate some painful symptoms, urination symptoms, and mental insomnia symptoms.
4. It can not only treat prostate pain, but also treat other pathological problems. For example, it can treat infertility caused by prostatitis. Because it can improve the quality of sperm and improve the fertility of patients. It is found that TCM has the function of improving the secretion function of the prostate.
5. Chinese medicine has obvious effects on some prostatitis with sexual dysfunction and some ejaculation pain.
The advantage of TCM in the treatment of chronic prostatitis lies in the overall concept and treatment based on syndrome differentiation. Clinically, it is often advocated to choose TCM to treat multiple complications, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. 
The patented pill is composed of more than 50 herbal ingredients. They can not only clear away heat and detoxification, promote blood circulation and Qi, and relieve pain but also has the effects of anti-proliferation, anti-fibrosis, anti-calcification. So it can effectively treat chronic prostatitis.
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