The Great Christmas Carnival at Wuhan Dr.Lee’s TCM Clinic

TAG : Christmas,carnival,TCM

Unconsciously, The time has entered December, The increasingly strong festival atmosphere is also declaring that Christmas and New Year have entered the countdown! Wuhan Dr.Lees TCM Clinic has already prepared a special holiday surprise for...[read article]

Making Frequent Trips to Toilet in Winter? Here's Why it Happens

TAG : urine,toilet,winter

Many people frequently urinate in winter, when they wear too many clothes and have too little access to the toilet. They want to know if they have some disease. Frequent urination in winter may be caused by physiological or pathological fac...[read article]

4-Step Checklist to Healthy and Fertile Sperm

TAG : sperm,fertility

Sperm quality is related to a mans ability to conceive new life, so every man is particularly concerned about the health of his sperm. Previously, some couples had infertility, and everyone thought that was the wifes problem. But, nowadays,...[read article]

Abnormal Yellow Urine in Men? Why?

TAG : urine,yellow

Compared to women, men do not pay much attention to their physical condition, and it is easy to ignore some subtle changes in the body, thus missing the best time to treat the disease. For example, urine is easily overlooked by men, not kno...[read article]

Is Yellow Semen Healthy? When to Worry about the Semen Color

TAG : semen,yellow

The color of a mans semen is associated with his health status. Usually, doctors will determine the health of a mans genitourinary system to some extent based on the color of semen. Normally, male semen is milky or off-white, translucent, v...[read article]

What Does Red Semen Mean? Alert Your Health!

TAG : semen,health

The color of a mans semen can indicate whether he is healthy or not. Many men are frightened and overwhelmed when they find that their semen has turned red. Red semen is the presence of red blood cells, or blood, in the semen. According to...[read article]

Lifestyle Habits That Can Affect The Survival Rate of Sperm

TAG : sperm,fertility,habits

The sperm survival rate is closely related to male fertility. It is the proportion of sperm in a drop of semen. Generally speaking, the higher the sperms survival rate is, the higher the chance of the sperm fertilizing a womans egg. However...[read article]

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