3 Reasons May Contribute to Male Infertility, Get Active Treatments

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It is understood that many men have infertility in their lives. After the occurrence of infertility, men are usually very worried. Because they lose the ability to procreate, men cannot have their offspring, which generally destroys family...[read article]

What Happened to Yellow Semen with Blood?

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In general, normal male semen is grayish-white or slightly yellow. But some men discharge yellow semen. What happened to them? There are two leading causes of sperm yellowing: physiological and pathological reasons. Yellow semen can be caus...[read article]

How Does Stress Impact Urologic Health?

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Diseases can occur in various urologic system organs (kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra) and affect the entire system. Diseases of the urologic system can be caused by pathological changes in other systems and affect other systems or even...[read article]

5 Important Reasons That Affect Sperm Quality

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We all know that poor sperm quality can affect reproductive function. The causes of poor sperm quality are complex and numerous, so we must understand and treat them in time. So, what are the reasons for poor sperm quality? Lets take a look...[read article]

Andrology Disease: Why Does it Bother You?

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The scope of andrological diseases mainly includes diseases of the male reproductive system, such as male epididymis infection, testis and epididymis disease, sexual dysfunction, reproductive dysfunction (commonly known as infertility), gon...[read article]

How to Ensure a Healthy Uterus? Some Effective Health Care Programs

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The uterus is a unique organ for women, where the fetus grows and develops and plays a vital role in women. Therefore, you must take good care of your uterus. Only the excellent development of the uterus can prevent some gynecological disea...[read article]

Prostate Crisis in Men Can Be Found in Urine

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Your body is the most precious wealth, and you should cherish your body in life. When you first go to the toilet when you wake up in the morning, the color and smell of your urine can tell you what your physical condition is, and you can al...[read article]

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