Five Reasons for Painful Ejaculation and Three Preventive Measures

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Ejaculation pain refers to the soreness or dull ache that occurs in any part of the penis, urethra, perineum, lower abdomen, or above the scrotum during ejaculation, that is, pain during sexual intercourse. The ejaculation process is under...[read article]

Left Lower Abdominal Pain? Be Careful of These Diseases!

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Many people will have the symptoms of left lower abdominal pain in life, but most people ignore it because the pain is not severe at the beginning or will disappear after a period. However, in fact, left lower abdominal pain is a common adv...[read article]

Wife Always Unable to Conceive a Baby? Men Should Know These Things!

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When a couple is plagued by infertility, people tend to think its the womans problem. But men and women have an equal chance of getting infertility. Infertility is when both spouses have normal sexual life without any contraceptive measures...[read article]

In Six Major Male Infertility Industries, The IT industry is Three Times More Than Others


According to the prediction of the World Health Organization, infertility will become the third-largest disease after tumor and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the 21st century. Authoritative data show that the incidence of u...[read article]

Did You Notice the Size of the Prostate? It’s Abnormal if it’s Too big or too Small!

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The prostate is an essential part of men. Once suffering from the disease, it will endanger physical and mental health and significantly impact the body. For example, it will affect fertility and increase sexual dysfunction. If it is not tr...[read article]

Men Need to Stay Away From 5 Common Genital Infections

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Male reproductive organs include external genitalia, accessory gonads, epididymis, and testes. Inflammation can occur when the parts mentioned above are infected by microorganisms such as bacteria, chlamydia, mycoplasma, and viruses. Many p...[read article]

Holding Back Ejaculation Can Prolong the Sexual Time? Don't be Flattered! Be Careful of Getting Sick

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To make the sex last longer, many men deliberately hold back their ejaculation, locking the little tadpoles that should have gone out at home. Although this kind of behavior can indeed prolong the sexual time, in the long run, it will lead...[read article]

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