Results of COVID-19 tests in Wuhan come out - From Empty City to the Crowd, Bustling Wuhan is Back


On May 14, Wuhan epidemic prevention headquarters issued the emergency notice on launching the tests of COVID-19 in Wuhan. Thus, the tests of COVID-19 in Wuhan involving tens of millions of people was officially launched. According to Chang...[read article]

Severe Coronavirus Are Putting Children at Great Risk with Comorbidities

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In New York, 73 children have shown symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease, and a 5-year-old child died. The coronavirus seems to be less susceptible to infection since the outbreak of the syndrome in the past few months. However, on Friday (...[read article]

Coronavirus Has Been Found in Semen Samples

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According to media reports, when the coronavirus enters the human body, it seems to reach organs other than the lungs, kidney, heart, liver, and stomach. At present, according to the latest research, researchers found the virus in semen. Th...[read article]

Expert Suggests that Large Dose of Vitamin D Can Be Applied in the Prevention and Treatment of Coron

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The infection of coronavirus has brought many inconveniences to our lives. To avoid infection and reduce outgoing, house, or home, quarantine is the main way of life. In this case, in addition to strict protection, we should also pay close...[read article]

Can Coronavirus Be Sexually Transmitted?

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At present, there is no evidence that coronavirus can be sexually transmitted. China molecular biologist novel coronavirus pneumonia in 35 women genital mutilation of new female medRxiv infected with new crown pneumonia has been found in a...[read article]

WHO is about to Release an Application to Assist in the Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus

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According to foreign media reports, in order to cope with coronavirus better for people from all over the world, WHO will launch an official application for coronavirus in the coming weeks, called WHO MyHealth, which will have iOS, Android...[read article]

Wuhan Seafood Market May Not be the Origin of COVID-19


A new study on the coronavirus by US scientists shows that the virus that causes the global pandemic is naturally produced. According to an analysis of the evidence published in the Nature journal, the novel coronavirus is neither construct...[read article]

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