Amazing: food can give doctors clues about illness


According to Dr Ritu Lakhtakia who is from Sultan Qaboos University in Oman, some food like café au lait, cherries, grapes, port wine, chocolate and beer can give doctors clues about illness. And this is so-called food imagery....[read article]

What Tools Can Be Used for Prostate Massage Therapy?


The prostate can be a soft walnut-shaped gland below the bladder that swells with fluid throughout sexual arousal. Troubles for example difficulty urinating or prostate cancer are related with an enlarged prostate....[read article]

New natural way to cure pelvic pain in women


A great number of reproductive-age females may be suffer from pelvic pain that goes untreated, based on the results of a brand new study. Over 400 females, who have pelvic pain, were surveyed by researchers in the National Institutes....[read article]

Six Things Women Need to Know About Cysts on Ovaries


Most women wouldn't pay much attention to their ovaries, until they are planning to have a baby. And you would never realize that the time when you're menstruating, is a good chance that you'll develop a cyst on ovary. ...[read article]

Five abnormal discharges


Most of females have the bad experiences of abnormal discharges. However, few of them know sometimes different abnormal discharges imply the different diseases....[read article]

Overview on Pelvic Pain in Females

TAG : Pelvic Pain

Many women don't know what is chronic pelvic pain, but when talking about the usual waist sour backache, abdominal pain, vulvar pain, hip, vaginal pain even sex of discomfort, many women will be reluctant to mention the pain....[read article]

Clam Down, Not All Situations of Discharge Before Period Are Caused by Medical Conditions


Commonly, a vaginal discharge served as period’s method, which is not a matter that always should be worried about. Not all situations of discharge before period are caused by medical conditions. ...[read article]

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