AbbVie Submitted Elagolix's New Indications for Uterine Fibroids with Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

TAG : Uterine Fibr

Recently, AbbVie and its partner neurocrine Biosciences announced that they had submitted a new drug application (NDA) for elagolix combined with low-dose hormone in the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding...[read article]

New Progress in Research on Vaccine Against Chlamydia Infection

TAG : Chlamydia In

Since the 1960s, researchers have been trying to develop a Chlamydia vaccine, but they have stopped at basic research and never entered the human research stage....[read article]

New Broad-spectrum Antibiotics Approved by FDA Can Treat 7 kinds of Bacterial Infections

TAG : chronic pros

On March 20, iterum therapeutics announced that the U.S. FDA had granted its innovative antibiotic sulopenem qualified infectious disease product (qidp) qualification to treat four indications...[read article]

Binx Health Announced the First Group of Patients Will Benefit from One-time Test for Chlamydia and

TAG : Gonorrhea,Chlamydia

Binx Health announced the first use of the binxio platform in the real world, providing a one-time diagnosis and treatment of Chlamydia (CT) and gonorrhea, the two most commonly detected sexually transmitted infections in the world....[read article]

FDA Approves the First Product for Diagnosis of Mycoplasma Genitalium


Aptima Mycoplasma genitalium test developed by hologic, an innovative medical technology company, is the first product of its kind approved by the FDA....[read article]

Recent Research Shows that Caffeine May Play a Role in Inhibiting Inflammation

TAG : chroic prost

According to reports, a new study shows that caffeine may be able to play a role in inhibiting age-related inflammation. ...[read article]

Be Alert to Liver Damage Caused by Herbal or Dietary Supplements

TAG : Herbal suppl

Recent data show that herbal and dietary supplements account for about 20% of drug-induced hepatotoxicity in the United States. In other countries, the figure could be higher....[read article]

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