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How does Fuyan Pill work on treating adhesions?


I have adhesions which are found during a laparoscopy. They said the adhesions are affecting the tubes and I was suggested to do a HSG. I've heard that there's no medcine for treating adhesions but I came across your website
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  • Dr.Lee

    As adhesions are always result of pelvic inflammatory disease, while treating the adhesions, PID should be treated at the same time. Fuyan Pill can work on PID as well as adhesions. In its ingredients, some herbs can promote blood and Qi circulation, some can dissolve stasis and dissipate hard lumps. This is how Fuyan Pill's works on treating adhesions.

    Severe adhesions may cause pain and may affect the function of uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes if they grow on them. It can indirectly cause infertility as well. I'd like to suggest 3 months medication of Fuyan Pill. Improvement is always seen after one month and there's no side effect of this medicine. You may have a try if you're interested.

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