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what steps to follow in case antibiotics doesnt cure pelvic pain in case of PId


I was told i have Pelvic inflammation disease 2 months back. was on 4 months of antibiotics. pain got better , but after an intercourse last week, pain has become worse. doctor feels, it is not because of intercourse( because she asked us to try for
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  • Dr.Lee
    If you're still suffering from pain with sex, then you may stil have some inflammation. Because commonly sex doesn't cause any pain on healthy women. It's ok to try to conceive for you if you only have PID, and doesn't have any of uterus, fallopian tubes, or ovarians conditions.

    You may try our herbal medicine Fuyan Pill if present antibiotics don't help you with treating PID. Fuyan Pill is our patented formula and it cures PID and PID complications in three to four months. And the chronic pain can be cured, it is reversable, so you don't have to live with it. Our patients often see improvement after about one month pills and the symptoms can be cleared up after three to four months medication. As this is a very natural treatment, it has no side effect.

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