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severe adenomiosys


Hello Dr, I am a 30 years old woman from India suffereing from severe adenomiosys. I do not have children. It is been 5 years i am taking medicine for both endometriosys and adenomiosys. but no results. I undet went for IVFs and IUIs several times. No results. Is there any medicine to cure my problems and become mother. Kindly help me and reply me on bindu_410@yahoo.co.in Waiting for your reply Thanks and Regards, Bindu
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  • Dr.Lee
    Your endometriosis and adenomyosis can be cured by our herbal pill - fuyan pill. And I also know that the western treatment for the two diseases is bad and the environment of your uterus can be affected by the two diseases, so i think this is the reason why you are failed on IVF and IUI. However, if you take fuyan pill, there is no need to take IVF and IUI, because fuyan pill not only can cure the two diseases but also can improve the environment of your uterus. Thus, the chance for you to conceive is higher. If you want to know how our fuyan pill works on the two diseases, please feel free to contact me with our online doctor.

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