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Muhammad Rizwan Hamid


Respected Doctor, I am Muhammad Rizwan Hamid student of P.hD in Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, Hubei, China. I am basically from Wuhan. I am married from past 3 years and we are trying to conceive, my wife test results and ultra-sound reports are all OK. In my tests levels of testosterone had been shown less i.e. 240 ng/dl. I have used some hormonal medicine for 2 months but still no pregnancy. Please recommend some treatment as I don`t know chinese language and having a lot of problems. My Semen Analysis Report is : Volume: 2.2 ml pH: 09 Appearance: Whitish Total Sperm Count: 35 Million Liq. Time: 16 Min After 30 Minutes: Active: 10%, Sluggish: 40%, Dead: 50% Morphology Abnormal Heads: 07% Abnormal Necks: 05% Abnormal Tails: 04% Pus Cells: 2-3/HPF RBCs: NIL/HPF Hormonal Report Result: Prolactin: 13.9 ng/ml S. FSH: 3.0 muI/ml Testosterone: 240 ng/dl I shall be really thankful to you ! Best Regards, Muhammad Rizwan Hamid
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  • Dr.Lee
    Dear Muhammad Rizwan Hamid
    Thanks for your trust and I am so happy to help you. After reading your words carefully, it seems that you have a little problem on your sperm. First, your sperm number is too much which can affect the quality of sperm. Second, your active sperm account is a little less and also have too much dead sperm. You probably have had problems on your prostate, bladder or seminal vesicle. Do you have any  sick feeling in these organs? If it is possible, I suggest you to have a prostate routine examination and some other test to see the condition of your prostate, bladder, seminal vesicle and its nearby organs. But please do not worry about it too much because infection on these organs can be cured by our herbal pill thoroughly without any side-effects and harms. If you have more questions, please contact our online doctors.

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