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Hydrosalpinx on left tube


I had an ectopic pregnancy before and my right tube was removed. I wanted to go with IVF recently but was informed during my check up that I have recurrence hydrosalpinx after having surgery first time. My doctor is recommending to remove the felt tube in order to have a high success of ivf. Secondly my AMH is very low and that will effect the success rate of IVF. I am 38 years old and currently on TCM medication
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  • Dr.Lee
    I do not recommend you to take another surgery to remove your left fallopian tube, or you have no change to get pregnant via the nature way.
    I know that the successful rate of IVF will be low if you have the hydrosalpinx in your fallopian tube, but this isn’t the only factor to affect the successful rate. To know more factors, please visit this page: http://global.fuyanpills.com/DT/Tubal_Conditions/2013/1215/550.html.
    You can try Fuyan pill. It has excellent effect on curing this condition. It not only can clear away the hydrop in fallopian tube for you, but also can improve the environment of uterus for you( improve the implantation chance of embryo for you), which can also improve the IVF chance for you. To know how our herbal medicine works on your condition, please visit this page: http://global.fuyanpills.com/DT/Tubal_Conditions/2012/0726/276.html.
    If you like we also have so many screenshots from our patients, please visit this page: https://www.drleetcmclinic.com/Reviews/.
    If you have any questions or want to know more treatment options, please contact our online doctor via online chat software from 9am to 5.30 pm Beijing time zone, and Monday to Saturday, emails: wuhandrlee@hotmail.com, herbalistlee@yahoo.com, skype: wuhandrlee@hotmail.com or yahoo messengers: herbalistlee@yahoo.com.

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